*And also my penny wishes, please


There are a lot of things I really love about New York.  Sometimes it’s those Woody Allen moments (if you’ve ever found yourself walking on the upper east side while listening to Django Reinhardt, you know what I mean). Or how often I find myself in the middle of a Seinfeld episode (what are those ladies at the nail salon saying??). Or the deli egg sandwiches.  

But my favorite thing about New York is how easy it is to convince friends to visit.  Sure, you have to be willing to keep your couch up to “crasher’s code”: clean-ish blankets and at least 1 extra pillow, but depending on who you keep company with, you might be able to get some free treats out of it (thanks for the s’mores, Arie, Todd and Lockman!)  This past week, our friend, Cece, and her boyfriend, Tim, were visiting from L.A. and London respectively.  Cece and I have known each other since high school, and it was wonderful to get to know Tim during this “holiday”.  In addition to being an adorably sweet couple, they are also adorably sweet collaborators.  He’s posted some of their work on his website–she writes the words, he designs the illustrations.  That’s one of their pieces above.  Fittingly, it’s adorably sweet.  I want one for above my bed.  Something you should know about me is that I really take those wishes to heart.  Birthday candles take me a while.  You only get one a year, so I figure those are of more value, than the bi-monthly eyelash ones.  Simple math.  Honestly, my fear is that if I’m not specific enough, the wish granter won’t have any idea what I’m talking about and then I have absolutely no shot at getting my wish granted.  My wishes usually sound something like:

“Please let my friends and family lead happy and healthy lives, filled with love and adventure.  (What if the wish granter can’t determine my friends from my acquaintances?  Panic).  My close friends.  (The wish granter probably can’t grant all of them happy and healthy lives filled with love and adventure.  Panic!) You know, like specifically, Sal, Jasmine, Erin, Peter, Jack, and Charlie.  (Now I gotta lock it in, or else it won’t count.  Review.)  Okay thanks in advance, but just to review…”

Cece and Tim, it was great seeing you, and thanks for the free treats!


3 Responses to “*And also my penny wishes, please”

  1. marina Says:

    if all of your posts are going to be like this, then i’m very excited. as if i didn’t know it already: you are a crazy person. i love it.

    “this is so much fun. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!”

  2. Mindy Mama Says:

    Love the lashes, the wishes and the “wisher writer”………can’t wait to read the continuation of the chatter in your mind or to see you in May xoxo

  3. Ready, Set, Wish! « Fear Of Missing Out Says:

    […] David and I had a wonderful little time celebrating Spring in Rochester.   We  went to a wedding, we took advantage of “small-town time” (went to a movie theatre that played only old classics, and frequented the ‘local coffee shop’), and we made wishes on dandelions in a big park.  I wouldn’t let him share his wish, because then it won’t come true!  Doy.  I’ve got a thing about wishes. […]

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