If You See an Onion, Pick It Up

I know it’s April Fools, and I know that The Onion is “America’s Finest News Source” for faux news, and I know it’s probably too early in our relationship for me to have totally earned your trust, BUT, despite all of that, what I’m about to tell you is the truth, I swear: I’m in The Onion!

…holding cupcakes. That’s right. If you are in New York, and you pick up this week’s issue and flip through the first few pages, you will find a photo of me in the bottom left-hand corner of the colorful ad for The People’s Improv Theatre (The PIT) College Comedy Series. There I am – forever to be remembered as the dessert-hoarding cupcake and cookie freak that I am.

Here’s a closer picture.

That’s my sketch comedy team. Harvard Sailing Team. We’ve been performing together for over 4 years. You can see us perform on Saturday nights at the PIT. Our show is at 9:30pm (after sundown, for all you Harvard Sailing Team fans out there who are shomer shabbos). Harvard Sailing Team has become like a second family to me. You’ll hear plenty more about them on this blog. For now, let’s just zoom in one more time…

Yep. Undeniable. There’s myself and fellow HST member, Chris Smith, holding a nice cake-stand full of frosted cupcakes. Man, I’m starving.

(If you’d like to see Harvard Sailing Team’s other recent appearance in The Onion, click here. Just kidding, April Fools! But, guys, seriously this time, click here).


4 Responses to “If You See an Onion, Pick It Up”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    The perfect picture!

  2. twizzlers519 Says:

    Hahaha. That grizzly got me.

  3. faryneinhorn Says:

    Great lookin’ bear, right??

  4. Natalie Says:

    you make me so proud!

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