You Know Those Mornings?

You know those nights when you get home to your boyfriend’s Brooklyn apartment at 1:30 in the morning, after a non-stop day of work and running around in the city and just being generally anxious about everything, and your body is exhausted and ready for sleep, but then your boyfriend’s roommates and their girlfriends are all watching Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and your mind tricks your body into thinking it’s more awake and alert than it really is so you can stay up to watch that funny scene when Fat Bastard laments, “I eat because I’m sad, I’m sad because I eat”, and then at 2am you all decide to open up the tupperware of sweet treats and eat a few cookies and brownie bits, and then you’re buzzing because the sugar starts to hit you, so you futz around on the computer, next thing you know it’s 3 in the morning and you and your boyfriend have to wake up at 7 to head into the city for another long day, so your head hits the pillow, you wake up at 7:35 slightly groggy but with enough vigor to hurriedly make a yourself a piece of toast and bounce out the door promptly at 8:45 because it is essential that you get to your office BY 9:30 this morning because your co-workers will be gone at a meeting and have entrusted you to open and run the office by yourself for the first few hours of the workday and you want to prove yourself responsible so you happily arrive at the door to your office at 9:30 on the dot, reach into your pocket and have the heart-stopping realization that you somehow left your keys dangling in the entry hall of your apartment, hoping with all your morning might that there’s a quick solution but knowing full well that the building management doesn’t have a copy of the keys and there is virtually know way to get in short of calling a locksmith, and you curse the fates as you walk back to the Brooklyn-bound Q train with your tail between your legs, leaving an overly apologetic voicemail on your co-workers’ cell phones, and making the reverse commute from your office back to your apartment and then back to your office, making it back just in time to turn on your computer and collect the faxes from the machine just moments before your co-workers walk in, making it all feel like a rather Ferris Beuller-esque experience?

Sigh. Well…

At least it’s not raining today.


One Response to “You Know Those Mornings?”

  1. Mama Mindy Says:

    I just got around to this category in your blog….all I can say is you are quite a trooper and it’s a good thing that they adore your adorable self!
    xoxo Mom

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