2 photoshoots 1 weekend

This weekend I felt like Tyra Banks.

What? What’s with that look? I’m serious!

On this unusually windy Saturday afternoon morning, I found myself on the subway heading to Splashlight Studios. Harvard Sailing Team, my sketch comedy group, was having a photo shoot! A very talented, energetic, young n handsome photographer, Eric Michael, approached us after one of our shows and asked if we’d be interested in him taking pictures of us, explaining that “it’s just more fun to photograph comedians”. Take that, super models! We excitedly jumped at the offer – our last photo shoot was during the Clinton administration. Okay, not entirely true. Regardless, it was time to take some new pictures of the team. It had been a while.

Here’s where the Tyra part comes in. Splashlight Studios is situated in the artsy, modern-ish, boutique-filled neighborhood of Tribeca, in lower Manhattan. When we entered the building and got off on the 3rd floor, I felt like I had stepped onto the set of The Devil Wears Prada. Large glass doors. Egg-shell walls. Flat screen TVs (one was casually tuned in to Finding Nemo). Pool table. And a little bar area full of sweet treats to buy – coffee and packets of pop rocks were free. What a fun world to be a part of from 10-4 on a Saturday afternoon with 8 of my friends. When we first arrived, Eric greeted us with a big smile, and as he finished setting up the lights, like clockwork we all fell into place and assumed our usual Harvard Sailing Team roles: Rebecca unpacked her makeup bags and put the girls’ faces on. Katie plugged in curling irons and hair dryers and set up shop next to Rebe. Sara sat on the couch voraciously reading fashion magazines (she’s usually got her face pressed to Rue McClanahan‘s autobiography, but I guess she left that tome at home, so Nylon would have to suffice). Chris was wrangling the troupes. Jen rolled her eyes and yelled at me. Clayton got us all bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches…after rolling his eyes and yelling at me. Billy took on the role of DJ and pumped out oldies and hip hop jams. And Adam threw some tennis balls around the room. I basically butted my nose into everyone’s business and was a ball of nervous and anxious energy . Everything was as it should be, and we were ready to rock.

Eric, we had a grand ol’ time! Thanks for letting us putz around in your fancy studio.

Wanna read Jen‘s version of the day? She blogged bout it!

Oh, shoot! I was gonna tell you about my SECOND photo shoot of the day too (that’s right, there’s more). Okay, I promise I’ll fill you in on that asap–I’ve got some sweet photos to post and I’m very excited to share them…


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