A Passover To Remember

I felt like quite the Jew yesterday.  I don’t know if it was the coincidental fact that I was reading Woody Allen’s Without Feathers on the subway, or because I was toting around 4 boxes of matzo ball soup & mix – whatever it was, I felt that I had done my parents proud.  My parents who sent me to private Jewish day school for the first 9 years of my education.  My parents who, one year during a Passover seder hosted at our house, decided to ditch the traditional Haggadah, and instead, made my brother and I sing songs about Passover to the tune of West Side Story, lyrics courtesy of my father.  No Einhorn will ever forget the oh-so-clever “I Feel Hungry” sung to the tune of “I Feel Pretty”.

Yesterday, I made my parents proud.

A few girl friends and I decided to host our own traditional Passover seder.  We set the table for 15 of our great friends and celebrated the holiday with our “East coast family”.  Having spent the day on our feet, peeling potatoes, braising briskets, and “balling” matzo, the end result was even more rewarding than I could have imagined.  We pulled off our first seder on our own!  Almost seemed like more of a rite of passage than my Bat Mitavah.  As friends started to arrive, we drank wine (saving the “real stuff” for the meal), scrambled to get the last dishes out of the oven, played some music, danced a little, and we even had a matzo-themed toilet seat cover reminding all who used the john to “Let my people go” (thanks, Maggie)!

 The night ended as all good Passover seders do: everyone splayed out on various couches, belts unbuckled, shirts un-tucked, laughing and yelling over each other. 

Wanna know what we made?  My good friend, and executive chef of the evening, Marina, blogged about it.


One Response to “A Passover To Remember”

  1. Mindy Says:

    You did in fact make THIS parent proud!

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