April Showers Bring Brooklyn Flowers

Recently added to my morning blog-reading routine is Brooklyn blog, brownstoner.com, which tracks “Brooklyn inside and out”.   While reading this afternoon, one particular post peaked my interest.  It’s about a woman living in Bedford Stuyvesant who imagined her Brooklyn neighborhood a-flutter with flowers…she blogged about it…got such an overwhelmingly positive response…and now it’s reality.  Unbloglievable!  (sorry).

You can click here to read the NY Times article.

My favorite quote from the article: “I want there to be so many wildflowers on the streets that the summer of 2009 is remembered very fondly by every single resident of the neighborhood. I want the continuity of the Meadow to be so strong that Google Earth is compelled to rephotograph Bed-Stuy.”  – Deborah Fisher

This Brooklyn artist had the vision to beautify her neighborhood with the fun and simple idea to scatter “seed bombs”, in every empty lot and patch of dirt and light up the streets with all kinds of wildflowers.  The community supported her idea, and now Bed-Stuy will be a-bloom by summertime.  I love this story.  Not only because I love picturing Google Earth re-photographing the new and flowerful Bed-Stuy, but it’s also another affirmation of my belief that if you put your heart and efforts into something, and have the bravery to put it out there, the universe will answer.

This exact sentiment was recently echoed on Jen’s blog.  Jen’s friend, Blue (who’s also a new blogger!), eloquently shared this on her blog, and it really stuck with me:

Through the act of putting a goal or desire out there, things happen! My friend Jen is an example of this. Jen started her blog with the intention of leaving her desk job and finding her true bliss. Because of this, movement is happening in her life! Now, it is not a question of “if” she will leave her day job, it is “when.”

As Jen and I have been baking and learning together over these past several weeks, we’ve come up against challenges and roadblocks, but ultimately it feels like we’ve been getting green lights, as if the world is telling us, “Go ahead, we’ll help”.  It’s exhausting and rewarding.  As I’m getting ready to leave my desk job for the day, I know that we have a long night of baking ahead of us.  I’ll keep you posted on what comes out of the sweets labs of Faryn & Jen.


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