I Just Wanna Have A Picnic Already!

the trees on my block

the trees on my block

spring!  spring!

spring! spring!

I believe in Spring.  I have to believe in Spring, or else it makes a New York winter pretty crummy.  Spring in New York is the reward for enduring a long winter filled with stinging wind, big unfortunate puddles and inconvenient-for-cell-phones-or-ipods-or-swiping-your-metro-card mittens.  But, a New York winter isn’t all bad.  There’s hot chocolate, and chicken soup, and the excuse to put your “A-Holiday Playlist” on repeat.  It’s just that after 4 months of bitter cold, I start to crave ice cream and want to wear a dress sans long underwear!  And I’m not the only one.  The spring fever is palpable in Brooklyn.  Yesterday, the forecast was sunny.  Regardless of the fact that the temperatures were in the 30s, my sun-craving friends and I were joined by a number of other Brooklynites in Prospect Park…and as we sat on the lawn, in coats and sunglasses, eating dried apricots and mint Milanos, we all froze our tushies off together.

As a native Los Angelina, the changing of seasons is still a novelty to me.  Even though I have lived on the East Coast for over 4 years now, I still get a thrill from seeing the trees dictate the seasons.  I may still be wearing my pea coat and pashmina today, but I’m listenin’ to the trees on my block, and they’re telling me that Spring is around the corner, baby.


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