pizza/office party!

pizza/office party!

“If you could only eat one for the rest of your life, which would it be: pizza or sweets?” is a question I was recently asked by Billy Scafuri.  In addition to being one of my good friends, Billy also has a great love of food.  And junky food.  Like me.  So he un-ironically understood the gravity of such a question.  After some serious thinking (illustrated by brow-furrowing and grunts), I finally replied, “Pizza”.

It’s true.  I love pizza.  I also LOVE (all caps) sweets, but I think that if I’m only eating one or the other for the rest of my days, I’ve gotta go with the savory over the sweet.  It just seems more practical.

Today my boss at my desk job ordered us pizza!  Margharita pizza!  I’m celebrating like it’s Friday!


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