Ice Cream and Magnolias

me (the chocolate cone) & my boyfriend (the lemonade)

my boyfriend (the lemonade) & me (the chocolate cone)

I am sure that the blogosphere is all abuzz lately about the weather in New York…add me to the list.

Can you believe this weather we’re having??  Friday was pure sunny bliss.  Yesterday I felt like I was swimming in a warm bath.  Absolute heaven.  

On Friday, I was working at my desk job, and looking out the window at all the people below in their bermuda shorts and big sunglasses was torturous.  So I told my co-workers I was just going to run down (for 20 minutes) to grab an iced coffee, and out the door I was.  Since my window of time was brief, I strategically planned it so that my boyfriend would be in the area and we could enjoy our 20 minutes in the sun together (it sounds so awful that we have to plan things out like this, but when you work in an office and your boyfriend is constantly running from one rehearsal to the next, you take what you can get!).  So we did, and it was wonderful.  We went to Madison Square Park and sat on the sunniest bench we could find.  We were in good company with all the other desperate-for-warmth-New-Yorkers (one couple even laid out a picnic blanket and was having a picnic on the concrete because the grass was being re-seeded!)  The line at Shake Shack was appropriately long – an hour and a half wait for a burger and shake!  However, as I was writing this blog, I discovered that Shake Shack has a “Shack Cam” where they encourage you to “Watch the screen.  Plan accordingly.”  so you can monitor how long the line is 24 hours a day.  Genius!  Big Brother is watching, burger-lovers.  So, my boyfriend and I opted for the B-Line, which is a shorter line but a limited menu.  Happily we ordered a large lemonade and a single scoop chocolate cone – my first ice cream of the season!

Yesterday, Jen and I had to meet to discuss some next steps with our baking biz.  In addition to sharing a love of sweets, we also share a love being out in the sun (though you would probably never guess it based on our fare skin – she gets freckly and I get burnt!).  So we decided to make the most of the meeting and the day, and we had an outdoor brunch meeting.  Jen, her boyfriend, and I met at Cafe Enduro, a favorite local Brooklyn brunch spot, for breakfast quesadillas.  One of the joys of starting your own business is that you get to make decisions like, “Let’s have a meeting.  Meet at that tree over there in half an hour.  Bring a picnic blanket, beverage of choice, and notebook.”  That’s how it is for now anyway.  : )

After our meeting, I walked through Prospect Park to meet my best friend and recent California-to-New-York transplant, Shawna.  We sat on a hill under a magnolia tree and watched the frisbee-throwers, dogs, and babies.  

Today, Jen and I are meeting in the city to go shopping for packaging supplies so we can play with some ideas we have for wrapping our little brownies and cake bites.  I’m sure we’ll find some time for a “sit in the park with an iced coffee” meeting.


One Response to “Ice Cream and Magnolias”

  1. twizzlers519 Says:

    Amazing magnolia photos. So pretty. And congrats on the ice cream.

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