The Real Deal

It’s gettin’ real. These past few days, Jen and I have really been working around the clock leading our triple lives. And boy, is it exhausting. I fantasize about the day when I don’t need the money from “survival jobs” to support my true passions. As it is now, I work 3-4 days a week at a desk as an office administrator for a tote bag and accessories company, I butler hours d’oeuvres and drinks as a part-time caterer for fancy pantsy parties, I rehearse and perform weekly with sketch comedy team Harvard Sailing Team, and Jen and I are working in our (plethora of) free time to get this baked goods business off the ground.

I. Am. Zonked. Out.

What initially began as a new and fun side project, has now truly blossomed into a full-on budding sweets business…complete with a logo!

This logo was the cause of many gasps and giggles for me and Jen. My generous and uber talented friend, Julien Fyhrie, designed it for us. The process was exhilarating – it was such a joy to share with him our visions for the company (visions as abstract as “pink”, “girls”, and “Brooklyn”), and then for him to come back at us with REAL designs. It was the best! You know how fun it is to play the “What Are You Gonna Name Your Kids” game? (Bella and Lukas). I felt the same combination of thrill and agita from naming the company and choosing the logo: Fanny & Jane – Baked In Brooklyn.

While Jen and I are going head-on into running this baked goods business together, I can’t help but feel a little bit like we’re little girls curiously clip-clopping around in our moms’ high heels. Like we’re playing the role of “business owners” or something. I’ve never owned or started something quite like this before, and the feeling is foreign and intoxicating. From the creative process of choosing a logo to the fun task of naming the products, it’s a wonder to me why everyone doesn’t start their own business! Of course, I’m not naive enough to think that Quickbooks and quote unquote taxes aren’t going to enter into the picture at some point, but until then, I’m quite content in brainstorming taglines and testing out brownie recipes. : )

As I stare down the long nose of today (pretty sure I just made up that weird metaphor), I feel exhausted just thinking about all the tasks that are ahead of me. Today Jen leaves for a vacation with her boyfriend, and I will stay in New York, and we will be running the business apart for the first time. She has orders to deliver (!!!) and business stuff to attend to while she’s away, while I have another custom birthday cake order (!!!) to fill for Friday. Suddenly, our hands are full with an adorable pink logo, and flour, and frosting, and Fanny & Jane hasn’t even officially launched yet! But before either of us can even begin to think about recipes and kitchen prep, we have to get through our day jobs. In my case, today I am working in my office and then running uptown to cater a party at the Met Museum. After I change from my tuxedo pants back into my jeans, I’ll head back down to Brooklyn to buy some last ingredients and start prepping for Friday’s cake.


Coffee in hand, ready to start the day.

(But seriously – how cute is our logo??!!)


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