Sweets For Brunchin’

photo courtesy of Jaclyn Backhaus

photo courtesy of Jaclyn Backhaus

Fanny & Jane made a brunch appearance this past weekend. We, the ladies behind Fanny & Jane, weren’t actually there, but we sent our best representative: red velvet cake and cake bites.

Our friend, Jaclyn, ordered a Fanny & Jane custom cake for her friend’s b-day brunch (happy belated, Laura!) I just love the feeling this photo evokes. It’s just so BRUNCH! Citrus-y mimosas and decadent red velvet cake? Hello, my dream Sunday afternoon.

I don’t think Jen nor I imagined that our initial F & J vision of comfort sweets – variations on cookies and brownies – would foray us into the wondrous world of cakes. But now that it has, there’s no turning back. My growing desire to put frosting on everything has been very nurtured since we started making cakes. This was actually the first Fanny & Jane cake I made all by myself (Jen, was in Chicago setting up trays of our sweets for her Aunt’s surprise birthday party!), and I learned a great deal about myself while Jen was gone. For example, my all too frequent tendency to talk to myself triples when I’m baking alone. I also learned that I enjoy baking that much more when coupled with the perfect playlist (my choice on Friday and Saturday was the Ben Folds Five station on Pandora). And the last thing I learned is to allow myself twice as much time as I think it will take me to bake something.  Naively, I thought that if I started my baking at 11ish, I would be able to meet my friends in Prospect Park for a sunny picnic by 1 in the afternoon.   Ha!  Several hours later, I finally showed up to the picnic…but I brought some extra cake bites, so my tardiness was quickly forgiven and forgotten.


2 Responses to “Sweets For Brunchin’”

  1. follow my bliss Says:

    […] Faryn was back in New York making cakes and learning lessons, Kevin and I were in my mom’s kitchen baking ourselves crazy too. We spent hours and hours […]

  2. Cousin Lisa Says:

    I want to order this cake for my B-day?? can it make it to Porter Ranch, California? I don’t care I’ll eat the box!!!

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