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We’ll Always Have Paris

May 28, 2009



(sorry for the first photo’s darkness! My camera’s flash done broke!)

I can now check “Casablanca” off my list! You see, I have an embarrassingly long list of “movie classics” that I’ve yet to see. Maybe part of the reason I’m putting them off is because several of them happen to be depressing dramas – I mean, who really wants to come home after a long day of work and tune into “Schindler’s List” or “The Pianist”. Personally, I’d much rather pop in “Love Actually” and call it a night. However, “Casablanca” happened to be playing at the Dryden Theatre while David and I were in Rochester this past weekend, so we made it a date. The theatre was packed with people munching on yummy popcorn.  Young people who, like me, had never seen it.  And old people, sharing stories about “The first time I saw this movie in the theatres, I was dot dot dot”.  I absolutely LOVED the movie.  It made me want to travel and smoke cigarettes.  So old-school romantic, right?

Inspired by the experience, my love of that era, and in an effort to streamline my MoviesINeedToWatch List, I proposed a movie-watching plan to my boyfriend. Starting in 1929, the year of the very first Academy Awards show, let’s Netflix every single Academy Award winning movie. He was way into it. So, there’s another thing to add to my growing list of things to do – I’ll put it right after “call mom” and right before “get a kitten”.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Ready, Set, Wish!

May 27, 2009



It’s that time. You can feel it in the air. Flowers are blooming. Ice cream vendors are abundant. Brooklyn is a-buzz with baby strollers and flea markets. Spring to summer, baby!

David and I had a wonderful little time celebrating Spring in Rochester. We went to a wedding, we took advantage of “small-town time” (went to a movie theatre that played only old classics, and frequented the ‘local coffee shop’), and we made wishes on dandelions in a big park. I wouldn’t let him share his wish, because then it won’t come true! Doy. I’ve got a thing about wishes.

More photos and stories from The Roch to come soon. Hope you all enjoyed the long and fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! (I’m back to work, and it’s already Wednesday! Isn’t that just the best?)



May 21, 2009

Everybody’s working for the weekend.

Not these two!

The boyfriend and I are off to Rochester (his hometown…town?…city?…place) until Monday. I’m looking forward to yet another weekend out of town, not only because it’s a nice break away from the usual New York weekend itinerary, but because we’re going to a wedding! I love weddings. David’s high school bestie is getting hitched, I’ve met her just a few times, and you better believe I’m gonna cry at the wedding.

And when we return, Jen and I are back into full-force Fanny & Jane. We decided to take it easy these past several days (What? It’s our company. Sometimes we have meetings while walking around the park, and sometimes we take several days off, pausing only to eat sweets and not bake them). And the extra “free time” at night and during the weekends has helped me feel like a person again, and not an apron-wearing, chocolate-melting monster. But I’m anxious to get back into it, get our hands dirty. Jen and I have had a few conversations about some new sweets ideas, and I’m excited to about the direction the business is going in – I promise to share soon!

I’ll try to post photos and stories from The Roch and the wedding as soon as I can. Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine, New York!

Oh Wonderful Wonderfuls! *(i love this thing OR what is this place?)

May 20, 2009




Do you have a free afternoon? Never been to an armory? Wanna kick off your shoes and play in a ball crawl for all? Miss the smell of clover? Wondering what planet these photos were taken on? If you answered “yes” to any of those, go to this! Inspired by the photos from one of my favorite blogs, I thought to myself, “I have to go to this”, and I discovered the full sensory experience of Ernesto Neto’s anthropodino exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC. My dear friend, Natalie, and I spent Monday afternoon frolicking, digging, and falling around this incredibly vast and colorful space (we’d never even heard of the Park Avenue Armory!) This installation reminded me of several “art” “pieces” that have encouraged me to re-claim the playfulness and innocence of being a kid. A feeling that I happily embrace.

We had fun.



This installation will be in New York until June 14th. I encourage you to hop to it before it leaves!

Bro For A Day

May 18, 2009



I’m a sports fan out of convenience.  I’ll be honest here.  My favorite thing about the Super Bowl are the commercials.  I go to baseball games for the hot dogs.  And I sometimes watch basketball because, frankly, I can name more of the players in basketball than I can in any other sport (that’s not saying a lot), and that fact makes me feel cool.  Since I’m from Los Angeles, my brother grew up watching The Lakers and Kobe was a household name, so I guess my scale of sports-watching has always been tipped in favor of The B-ball.

An unprecedented experience in my life, I, by choice, spent the good portion of yesterday at a Sports Bar watching The Game – I’ve never seen so many televisions in my life!  I met the boys (Chris, Brendan, and Ben) and brought my boys (Shawna) and we munched on nachos and fries and threw back some brewskis.  It seemed that Shawna and I were the only ones cheering on the Lakers.  Apparently everyone in New York roots for the underdog, and the Lakers are not it.  But our cheering musta worked, ’cause the Lakers won! 

I definitely hope to spend another few hours glued to ESPN, and eating wings with my boys, and I’m sure I will, since the Lakers are going on to the finals…or is it the championship?  Um, I’m still a little fuzzy on the details.  Three pointers!  Out of bounds!  Goooooo sports!

Let’s Split It

May 16, 2009

Another thing to add to my “Absolutely Love” list is the act of splitting.  Regardless of whether it’s a piece of pie or a burger, I’m always the first to ask, “Do you wanna split something?”  For a while I thought I did it because I just liked the feeling of sharing a couple dishes with a friend (you get a little a this, a little a that), but now I realize that this compulsion is actually hereditary: I got it from my mom!  This realization hit me like a ton of bricks this past weekend while she was in town.  We went to Sarabeth’s for lunch, and just after the menus had been freshly dropped off at our table she asked, “Do you wanna just split a few things?”.  Caught completely off guard by someone else initiating the splitting process, my excitement levels went through the roof, and in my mind I was thinking, “Yes!!!  I LOVE splitting! OMIGOD, THIS IS GREAT”.  But in an effort to conceal my overzealousness (If I seem too excited, she might take back her offer!  Be cool, Faryn.  Be cool, man), I tried to take the nonchalant approach, and just politely replied, “Perfect.”

We ordered something sweet and something savory – my favorite way to split. 

Market Vegetable Salad Plate

market vegetable salad plate: baby field greens, shaved fennel, green and red peppers, haricot verts, carrots, beets, and ricotta salata in a sherry shallot vinaigrette

lemon and ricotta pancakes with fresh berries

lemon and ricotta pancakes with fresh berries

It was absolutely delish!

Worth Our Weight In Pants

May 15, 2009
Harvard Sailing Team on the red carpet of the 2007 ecny awards

Harvard Sailing Team on the red carpet of the 2007 ecny awards

Our show recently got reviewed by, and we were awarded 12 out of 10 pants!  Whatever that means, I’m glad we got 12.  Click here to read the review!

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Thanks Mama

May 15, 2009

This morning, my mom sent me the following message:

I miss u already.  Just want to say that you are absolutely radiant and I know how hard you’re working, but you’re lifestyle must agree with you…you’ve never looked better (or happier) xoxo

Thanks, Mama.

Gettin’ Lost

May 14, 2009

I have a mental list of things that I absolutely hands down without a doubt, love.  To name a few from the list – dinner parties, and the TV show LOST.  (The rest of the list includes things like chocolate chip cookies, cuddling, the sound of heels clip clopping on hardwood floors…but these are topics for another post another day).  On random lucky occasions, a few of the items from my “Absolutely Love” list happen to co-exist (cuddling while eating chocolate chip cookies, anyone?), at which point my head usually explodes with excitement of over the top proportions.  When this happens, I’ve been known to squeal, do a happy dance, or bear hug the person nearest to me.  Some of my friends have been witness to me exclaiming to no one in particular, “This is so much fun.  THIS IS SO MUCH FUN,” in the middle of a meal at a BBQ restaurant.  Nothing exceptionally exciting was happening (aside from the fact that we were all on a trip to Miami), it was just a big group of our friends eating at a restaurant together, and that was enough to put me over the edge, like an involuntary Thrill Volcano suddenly erupting.

**you should know that it was on this same trip to Miami that Jen critically lovingly referred to me as a FOMO – a person who has a Fear Of Missing Out.  The title of a blog was born!

This was all just a long way of saying that every Wednesday night for the past 25 weeks or so, two of my other “Absolute Loves” have co-existed: dinner parties and LOST.   My friends, Marina (the captain of our culinary ship), Billy (he has the nicest TV),  Eric (lives with Billy and has interesting LOST theories), and Shawna (my roommate and great debater) all get together, make din and watch the show.  We each take turns choosing the menu and making the meal – my favorite so far was the chicken and alfredo spaghetti dinner Marina crafted, pictured above.  On occasion, other friends and fans will join us, but you can count on at least the 4 of us sitting on the couches and tuning in.  It’s a part of my week that I always look forward to.  Given our busy schedules, it doesn’t always work out and we have to settle for watching the show on our own time and then calling each other to talk about it after (no surprise that I’m usually the one calling everybody…).

Last night was the big 2-hour season finale, and despite plans to make the biggest LOST feast ever, schedules and general exhaustion trumped it, and we weren’t able to get together.  But we have 1 more season to do it right, LOST dinner parties every Wednesday night!  Until then, I guess have my Wednesday nights free now.  Maybe I’ll organize a weekly dinner party where we all wear high heels and walk around afterwards.  Any excuse for a dinner party really.

Sometimes All You Need Is Family, Tons of Couches, and Food

May 11, 2009
my beautiful mom, Mindy (gotta love those Baby Boomer names)

my beautiful mom, Mindy (gotta love those Baby Boomer names)

Aunt Rose-cake time!

Aunt Rose (a vision in white) - cake time!

Babka, the sheepdog.  what a load.

Babka, the sheepdog. what a load.

siblings on the train

siblings on the train
platters of fanny & jane sweets for mother's day lunch

platters of fanny & jane sweets for mother's day lunch

serious kiddie tricycle riding

serious kiddie tricycle riding

Last night, I returned from 2 days in New Jersey with my East Coast fam and my mom, who came in from L.A. for a few days! Driving through the greenery of Warren, New Jersey and getting to turn my brain off completely, was exactly the rejuvenation I needed from the non-stop work and stress of the past few weeks. The main attraction of the weekend was my great Aunt Rosie B’s 90th birthday soiree. My cousins, Karen and Irwin, generously hosted at their house, and it was quite the affair! There was delicious catered finger foods (by the end of the night, the pigs in a blanket guy just kept b-lining it to me, my boyfriend and my brother. Embarrassing, but we were his best customers). There was a live pianist who kept it classy by playing songs from Rose’s era, like one of my favorites, “Stars Fell on Alabama” (yet by the end of the night, my cousins and I were shouting requests, and we all collapsed on the couch and raucously joined in singing Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”). And for hours, the house was alive with laughter and stories, and a lot of “Oh my god! I haven’t seen you since dot dot dot”.

One thing you have to know about my great Aunt Rose is what a firecracker she is. I tell you, at 90 years old this woman is so full of life and energy, she is such an inspiration to me. One of the strongest and most loving women I know. She’s full of class and practical wisdom, and has always taught me the importance of bringing family together. Some classic Aunt Rose-isms include…

Always put your face on before you go out. You never know who you’re going to meet. (And don’t forget to bat those lashes).


There’s no such thing as too many onions.

and the most oft repeated,

Don’t work too hard, but make a lot of money.

There are many tenets that I hope to adopt from her as I grow older, but the number one defining Aunt Rose tradition that I would love to take on in my old age is her ritual of the “L’chaim Club”. The L’Chaim Club is a daily routine that she shares with her oldest and best friends and fellow widowers, Ruth and Belle. Every night at 5pm, they each pour themselves a drink (Aunt Rose’s choice: vodka on the rocks), and the three women call each other, and make L’Chaim (cheers “to life!”) over the phone. Every night! I just love it.

Over the course of the past 2 years, both of my grandmothers passed away, leaving me with no remaining living grandparents. Having this weekend, devoted to family time, eating till we could eat no more, sharing stories and poking fun at each other like only relatives can, felt very special and precious. As I get older and start to realize that my brother and I are no longer the babies of the family, I know that when it comes time to raise a family of my own, I want to make sure I remember one of Aunt Rose’s greatest priorities: to bring the family together.

Aunt Rose, happy birthday! I love you very much.