Shop Therapy

Material things. Ya know, sometimes I say to myself, “Faryn, things aren’t what’s important in life. It’s the unforgettable memories and experiences, and cherished relationships you have that make your life rich.”

And then sometimes I say to myself, “Hey…it’s on sale!”

Usually, I’m not “that” girl who uses shopping as a cheerer-upper when she’s having a bad day…no, I’m much more likely to be “the one” sitting at a bakery consoling herself with a cookie and a chai latte. Okay, fine.  Four cookies.  And a piece of cake.  Dammit.

But this week, after several non-stop days of working 2 jobs during the day, and then coming home at 11 to bake/draft e-mails/cut business cards/prepare a 12 pound package of sweets to be shipped to Chicago for Fanny & Jane, a little splurge purchase certainly didn’t hurt.  🙂

Introducing, the latest addition to my wardrobe.

I love them!  I really needed a nice black boot to round out my wardrobe.  Honestly, not just saying that to justify my most recent purchase!  They’re made by the Brooklyn-based company (represent!) Hayden Harnett, and they’re actually having a big ol’ sale on boots right now!  Hop to it, ladies!


2 Responses to “Shop Therapy”

  1. Gish Says:

    Love the boots. A little bit pirate at the top.

    Also, I want red velvet cake now, and I don’t even like cake.

  2. faryneinhorn Says:

    Gasp, you don’t like cake! Well, maybe we can change that 🙂

    And that top flap of the boots actually folds up too, so it can go up over your knee! Sweet, right?

    Thanks for reading! How did you find out about my blog?

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