Gettin’ Lost

I have a mental list of things that I absolutely hands down without a doubt, love.  To name a few from the list – dinner parties, and the TV show LOST.  (The rest of the list includes things like chocolate chip cookies, cuddling, the sound of heels clip clopping on hardwood floors…but these are topics for another post another day).  On random lucky occasions, a few of the items from my “Absolutely Love” list happen to co-exist (cuddling while eating chocolate chip cookies, anyone?), at which point my head usually explodes with excitement of over the top proportions.  When this happens, I’ve been known to squeal, do a happy dance, or bear hug the person nearest to me.  Some of my friends have been witness to me exclaiming to no one in particular, “This is so much fun.  THIS IS SO MUCH FUN,” in the middle of a meal at a BBQ restaurant.  Nothing exceptionally exciting was happening (aside from the fact that we were all on a trip to Miami), it was just a big group of our friends eating at a restaurant together, and that was enough to put me over the edge, like an involuntary Thrill Volcano suddenly erupting.

**you should know that it was on this same trip to Miami that Jen critically lovingly referred to me as a FOMO – a person who has a Fear Of Missing Out.  The title of a blog was born!

This was all just a long way of saying that every Wednesday night for the past 25 weeks or so, two of my other “Absolute Loves” have co-existed: dinner parties and LOST.   My friends, Marina (the captain of our culinary ship), Billy (he has the nicest TV),  Eric (lives with Billy and has interesting LOST theories), and Shawna (my roommate and great debater) all get together, make din and watch the show.  We each take turns choosing the menu and making the meal – my favorite so far was the chicken and alfredo spaghetti dinner Marina crafted, pictured above.  On occasion, other friends and fans will join us, but you can count on at least the 4 of us sitting on the couches and tuning in.  It’s a part of my week that I always look forward to.  Given our busy schedules, it doesn’t always work out and we have to settle for watching the show on our own time and then calling each other to talk about it after (no surprise that I’m usually the one calling everybody…).

Last night was the big 2-hour season finale, and despite plans to make the biggest LOST feast ever, schedules and general exhaustion trumped it, and we weren’t able to get together.  But we have 1 more season to do it right, LOST dinner parties every Wednesday night!  Until then, I guess have my Wednesday nights free now.  Maybe I’ll organize a weekly dinner party where we all wear high heels and walk around afterwards.  Any excuse for a dinner party really.


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    […] This lone bottle was my favorite brewski left behind.  Our friend, Matt, dressed up as a Dharma Initiative member from the show “LOST”.  I’m a huge fan, and it’s the only episodic TV show that I can say with confidence that I’ve seen every episode.  (Remember?  We even have a club). […]

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