Everybody’s working for the weekend.

Not these two!

The boyfriend and I are off to Rochester (his hometown…town?…city?…place) until Monday. I’m looking forward to yet another weekend out of town, not only because it’s a nice break away from the usual New York weekend itinerary, but because we’re going to a wedding! I love weddings. David’s high school bestie is getting hitched, I’ve met her just a few times, and you better believe I’m gonna cry at the wedding.

And when we return, Jen and I are back into full-force Fanny & Jane. We decided to take it easy these past several days (What? It’s our company. Sometimes we have meetings while walking around the park, and sometimes we take several days off, pausing only to eat sweets and not bake them). And the extra “free time” at night and during the weekends has helped me feel like a person again, and not an apron-wearing, chocolate-melting monster. But I’m anxious to get back into it, get our hands dirty. Jen and I have had a few conversations about some new sweets ideas, and I’m excited to about the direction the business is going in – I promise to share soon!

I’ll try to post photos and stories from The Roch and the wedding as soon as I can. Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine, New York!


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