We’ll Always Have Paris



(sorry for the first photo’s darkness! My camera’s flash done broke!)

I can now check “Casablanca” off my list! You see, I have an embarrassingly long list of “movie classics” that I’ve yet to see. Maybe part of the reason I’m putting them off is because several of them happen to be depressing dramas – I mean, who really wants to come home after a long day of work and tune into “Schindler’s List” or “The Pianist”. Personally, I’d much rather pop in “Love Actually” and call it a night. However, “Casablanca” happened to be playing at the Dryden Theatre while David and I were in Rochester this past weekend, so we made it a date. The theatre was packed with people munching on yummy popcorn.  Young people who, like me, had never seen it.  And old people, sharing stories about “The first time I saw this movie in the theatres, I was dot dot dot”.  I absolutely LOVED the movie.  It made me want to travel and smoke cigarettes.  So old-school romantic, right?

Inspired by the experience, my love of that era, and in an effort to streamline my MoviesINeedToWatch List, I proposed a movie-watching plan to my boyfriend. Starting in 1929, the year of the very first Academy Awards show, let’s Netflix every single Academy Award winning movie. He was way into it. So, there’s another thing to add to my growing list of things to do – I’ll put it right after “call mom” and right before “get a kitten”.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


One Response to “We’ll Always Have Paris”

  1. Mama Mindy Says:

    make sure you pick the movie carefully before you “call mom” ! xoxo

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