A Man and His Banjo Make This Girl Weak In The Knees


paul simon-b

Believe it or not, I once served chicken breast to the 2 gentlemen in the photos above. Catering fancy galas in upper Manhattan definitely has it’s moments. : )

5 out of 7 days a week, I get home late. Which means I stay up late. Which means I know my late night talk shows. And like most chronic late-night stayer-uppers, I have my favorites. I’ll tune into Letterman, and Kimmell, and I couldn’t be happier to welcome back Conan, my first late-night love. And while I’m still new to Jimmy Fallon (encouraged to “give it time”), I’m willing to give him a fighting chance and I like what I’ve seen so far! But it was last night’s guests, Mr. Fallon, that really sealed the deal for me.

Enter Steve Martin (and his banjo) and Paul Simon (and his guitar).

Possibly the most adorably endearing couple of late-night guests. Steve Martin was characteristically on point and hilarious, and Paul Simon expertly played the role of “sweet and smiley” sidekick. Not to be condescending to these two iconic and uber-successful grown men, but it was absolutely precious to watch them interact! Like being a fly on the wall, watching two old friends sharing innocent and intimate moments…oh, and these friends just happen to be superstars Steve Martin and Paul Simon! And then when they did a banjo and guitar duet? Forget it. I was done. I’ve been daydreaming of weddings lately — I’d now like to take a moment and update that daydream. Jason Alexander used to be My Ultimate (don’t ask. I’ve got a thing for glasses and balding), but if Steve Martin could somehow be my man at the altar, why that would just put me in Dork Heaven.

I love you.


2 Responses to “A Man and His Banjo Make This Girl Weak In The Knees”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ooo I wanna see this. I hope I can find an episode on a site that allows overseas viewers!

    I could use a little of your infatuation with all things wedding right about now. Sometimes it just seems like budgets and seating charts! Luckily, only sometimes.


    • faryneinhorn Says:

      Congratulations on your right-around-the-corner wedding, Kate! So exciting! Planning a wedding is a whole different thing than dreaming about one, and I’m sure once budgets and seating charts enter the picture, I’ll be singin a different tune. For now, if you want to take a breather, I’ve got some gorgeous flower arrangement website links I could send you. : )

      Thanks for reading!

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