Sweet Tooth McGee

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Inspired by Jen‘s most recent (and most mouth-watering) blog feature, daily dessert, I would be a bad co-founder of a new bakery business if I didn’t start bloggin and braggin about all the dessert that I eat daily, gosh darn it! Because, let’s get real for a second — Jen and I basically started Fanny & Jane as a way to justify all the sweets we eat…that chocolate croissant I had for breakfast is alluvasudden a “write off” because it’s “research”. Brilliant.

Lemmee kick it off by divulging my favorite, and I mean favorite, chocolate chip cookie in the city. If you’ve got a metro card and glass of milk burning a hole in your pocket, take a trip to Levain Bakery. This teeny tiny Upper West Side bakery makes seriously-to-die-for-melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies. For pete’s sake, just LOOK at the inside of one of these things!


image courtesy of levainbakery.com

Although I’ve been to the bakery a dozen times, I never spent much time on the website.  While writing this post, I spent a little bit of time on their site (again “research” for the “baked goods business”), and I found out that the two women who started Levain came up with the idea to start a bakery while they were training for an Ironman marathon! The website explains, they were “starved for calories and dreaming of delicious things”. I love that! Eating their six-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie is a workout regimen that I could seriously get behind.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to one tonight.  YUM.


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