Sittin’ & Wonderin’




Here we are at the new neighborhood cafe.  My brother just got back into town from an extended vacation in Casper, Wyoming visiting his girlfriend, and we’re catching up about his trip.  He’s recounting his first ever trip to Walmart, visits to The Sportsman Store (basically a Gun Shoppe), and the only Italian restaurant in the town, Boticelli’s.  Since both of us grew up together in Los Angeles and now living in Brooklyn, he said that visiting a town like Casper was a real nice departure from the hustle and bustle of the Big Cities we are used to.  I’ll try and post some photos he took at the dog park — beautiful big blue skies and adorable german shepherd puppy.  Looked like the perfect getaway.  Hope to see you out here soon, Julie!

I’m obsessed with this new coffee shop Sit & Wonder.  It just opened  on Saturday (!!!) and this is my second time here.  Free Wi-fi, yummy baked goods (this morning’s choice was a banana chocolate chip muffin), and Stumptown coffee.  Giving me some great ideas for Fanny & Jane!


5 Responses to “Sittin’ & Wonderin’”

  1. juuuulie Says:

    horray!! 🙂

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    […] Lately, Jen and I have been spending a large majority of our Fanny & Jane energy on field work and research.  Basically, those are fancy business words for “eating” and “going to bakeries”.  Jen has been diligently seeking out the various dessert trucks in the city and sampling their wares, while I’ve been on the hunt to discover new favorite bakeries and cafes.  As a matter of fact, this post comes to you from Sit & Wonder, a new insta-favorite cafe in my neighborhood that I blogged about here! […]

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    […] in my neighborhood and got a yummy Deluxe Burrito the size of my head.  spent two afternoons at Sit & Wonder.  saw Jen  perform in an (intentionally) terrifying improv show and then we sipped on strong […]

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    […] (yay!) improv show (really?? a live comedy show at 1:15 on a Sunday?), I decided to stop into yet another new cafe that just sprout up in my neighborhood.  I’d been wanting to try it ever since I […]

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    […] complain too much.  It’s a beautiful 78 degrees in Brooklyn, and I’m sitting in a cafe right now with great sunlight, and I’m thinking about getting the lunch special at the […]

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