Cake Inspired


courtesy of l.a. times

courtesy of l.a. times

Lately, Jen and I have been spending a large majority of our Fanny & Jane energy on field work and research.  Basically, those are fancy business words for “eating” and “going to bakeries”.  Jen has been diligently seeking out the various dessert trucks in the city and sampling their wares, while I’ve been on the hunt to discover new favorite bakeries and cafes.  As a matter of fact, this post comes to you from Sit & Wonder, a new insta-favorite cafe in my neighborhood that I blogged about here!

We have decided to take a brief pause (not to worry, we promise the pause will be oh-so brief!) from baking and dipping cake bites, because we are focusing some time dreaming of the type of bakery we might like to open some day — taking inspiration from the myriad of places around us.  Our notebooks are quickly being filled with magazine cut-outs and photos and business cards of sweets shops that inspire us.  Whether it’s a wallpaper print that I like, or an idea for the type of music I would like to play in our bakery, it’s all going in the notebook.  It’s been incredibly exciting just to envision a place of our own (I keep hearing Kevin Costner’s encouraging voice in the back of my mind, “If you build it, they will come…”), and the more we envision it, the more real and within our grasp it seems!

 While we have been discussing all of the pros and cons of the many ways we can sell sweets (we could park a sweets truck anywhere!…but then we’re spending our day in a truck.  we could sell online!…but when I want a sweet treat, I don’t really want to wait 3-4 business days to eat it…), it seems that right now we have our hearts most set on a storefront.  An actual bakery to call our own, where we can get to know our customers, bake on premises, and lock up every night.  That said, we are still in the “dreaming” phase and are making sure to still consider any other possibilities.  And who knows, next week we might have our hearts set on opening a Fanny & Jane amusement park.

For now, I am excited to share with you my inspirations along the way and plan to include a lot of the aforementioned cut-outs and photos on this blog.  

To kick things off, above is a photo from an article my mom shared with me from the L.A. Times Sunday Magazine.  Jen and I plan to keep our sweets simple (focusing on classically scrumptious tastes, a la the Treats Truck philosophy: “Not too fancy, always delicious!”).  However, I couldn’t help but appreciate the beautiful creativity of the cakes pictured above.  I love the incorporation of fresh flowers and the artistry of the green tea cake (bottom left)–it looks like the cake is bursting with confetti.  So fun and unique!

To read the full article, “The Kindest Cut”, click here.


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