A Weekend (+ Friday + Monday) Packed To The Gills

photo found on brooklyn blog brownstoner.com

photo found on brooklyn blog brownstoner.com

This weekend I…

tried a new mexican place in my neighborhood and got a yummy Deluxe Burrito the size of my head.  spent two afternoons at Sit & Wonder.  saw Jen  perform in an (intentionally) terrifying improv show and then we sipped strong margaritas from Chipotle.  Got some color (let’s call it “red”) from spending an entire summer afternoon sitting in Prospect Park while a rotating cast of friends and brother visited me on my sunny spot on the hill.  worked on an exciting new Fanny & Jane project (can’t give too much away just yet!).  helped a friend with a hilariously awkward Craigslist exchange in Park Slope.  performed a comedy show with my friends, the sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team.  got Sunday brunch with my roommates at James (hellooo blackberry stuffed french toast and overpriced cocktails).  went to a comedy night hosted by my boy friends (and wonderful sketch comedy group) Pangea 3000 where I watched my other boy friends, Adam and Billy, perform wildly entertaining hip hop.  cheered for another Lakers win.  and lastly, I Celebrate(d) Brooklyn with dear friends at the Prospect Park Bandshell for the opening night David Byrne concert, and proudly watched my friend, Natalie, dance her heart out on stage with him.

(more on the David Byrne concert soon!)

This weekend I learned…

I have incredibly talented friends and I am oh-so happy that summer is heeeeere!  (except for last night’s storm and today’s rain.  Wha happen?)


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