Brunch From Sunnier Days


A nice view of Manhattan, from just across the water.




Look at us, all dressed in our tube tops and skirts, with our bikes on the Williamsburg waterfront.  Just last Sunday afternoon, it was so sunny and clear!  Now we’re dealing with…humid rain??  My least favorite of all New York weather forecasts.

Here are some photos from last weekend that I hadn’t gotten around to posting yet.  But I figured it’s never too late to post about brunch, right?  Maybe that’ll be the title of my next blog.  It’s Never Too Late To Post About Brunch.  Not bad.




It was a Girls Only Brunch, a GOB – just came up with that phrase right now.   Love it!  This GOB was complete with mimosas, girly chit chat, and cats.  Always looking for an excuse to use her serving dishes, lovely Marina cooked this delicious meal, inspired by a meal she ate at B.L.D during her recent trip home to L.A.  Their spanish-style scrambled eggs are her fave dish, and you can click here for her scrumptuous recipe.


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