Three And A Half Years: Part I


photo courtesy of motorino pizza

Tonight is date night.  I’ve been looking forward to it for a week.  It was approximately 1 week ago that my boyfriend and I realized that we were coming up on an anniversary (3 and a half years!) and it was about 1 week ago that I started doing restaurant research for the occasion.

Some of my friends have been getting on my case about the whole “half-year” thing, Oh!  You guys celebrate half-years?…How many anniversaries do you celebrate??…That’s, um, sweet… But let’s be honest, any excuse to eat at a new restaurant, and I’ll take it!  You wanna celebrate something with me?  Your 48th day at your new job?  Great!  I’ll pick a place to eat.

Pizza has always been a classic favorite between the two of us.  During our 3 1/2 years, we’ve tried some of the best pizza places in the city together.  From delicious grab-a-slice-n-go joints, to the most raved about pizzerias in Brooklyn, to pizza that I love simply for it’s nostalgic value, we’ve seen a lot of pizza together.  As a personal rule, I try to go to different restuarants as often as I can — whenever I go to the same restaurant twice, I can’t help but feel guilty knowing that there are so many great eateries in New York I’m dying to try.  But I’ll admit, David and I are guilty of going to the same place for 2 anniversary celebrations in a row.  So sue me!  The food was THAT good!  It was the beginning of our relationship, when I was living in a dorm in the East Village, and we discovered the best pizza we had ever eaten: Una Pizza Napoletana.  The perfectest crust, melty fresh mozzarella, and olive oil like I had never tasted.  It was worth the double trip.

While Una Pizza Napoletana will always hold a special place in our hearts, it only seems appropriate that we are honoring it by trying a new neopolitan pizza place.  This time in Brooklyn.  I am very excited to be celebrating our anniversary at Williamsburg’s Motorino tonight.  I’ve heard good things, and our friend is a waiter there!  And then, we plan to follow up our ‘za with some delicious drinks at a bar I recently discovered for a friend’s birthday, The Richardson, where I fell in love with their Jack Rose cocktail (fresh lime juice, house-made grenadine, and straight apple brandy).  YUM.

Expect some foodie and drinkie photos tomorrow.


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