Three And A Half Years: Part II


straightened my hair - oo la la




complimentary glasses of prosecco!


our friend, dan, the waiter!


plate-o prosciutto

plate-o prosciutto

Fortunato Brothers - italian bakery

Fortunato Brothers - italian bakery

marzipan bonanza!

marzipan bonanza!

As promised, here are photos from last night’s pizza dinner.  Not until I was uploading these did I realize that we didn’t take any photos of the actual pizza!  It was honestly too delicious to stop chewing, wipe the marinara from my fingers, and whip out the camera.  I guess I could have taken a picture of the slices I wrapped up to go, but what’s the fun in photographing leftovers?  Instead, I will leave you with a descriptive recap of Motorino’s pizza experience, and let you conjure up an image in your head:

Fresh from the oven, the pizzas arrived at our table, literally dominating the entire plate.  These things were large and undoubtedly in charge.  Beautiful disks of white fresh mozarella, sitting atop a warm blanket of sweet marinara and drizzled Italian olive oil.  And the dough?  Don’t even get me started – soft and fluffy, with bubbles made black from the wood-burning oven.  It seemed like each slice went on for miles, still I savored every bite.  I have nothing but praise to sing of these pizza pies.

I hope that description ties you over until you get to have your own hands-on Motorino experience.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I ordered the Margherita DOC and David got the Soppressata Piccante, and we split a plate of prosciutto).

David and I had a lovely time.  And the staff was delightful!  The owner (and/or chef…I’m assuming?) came over at the beginning of our meal, exuberantly congratulated us (the way only real Italians do) on our anniversary, and insisted that we have something to toast with.  He happily poured us each a glass of delicious bubbly prosecco on the house, and shared with us that he just celebrated his 1-year anniversary.  I think he thought we were a married couple…ruh roh.

After dinner David and I were absolutely stuffed, but being now that I’m “in the biz” (that “biz” being the bakery business), I’m making it my personal responsibility to seek out new dessert places at every chance I get.  Tough gig, right?  Fortunately, I got a tip from one of my co-workers, who, when she found out I was going to be in that area of Williamsburg, insisted that I check out Fortunato Brothers.  Well, I wasn’t about to pass up such an enthusiastic recommendation.  And even though we were too full of pizza to even dream about dessert, I’m glad we stopped in.  Fortunato Brothers is an Italian cafe and pasticceria that is best described by New York Magazine as a place where, “If Tony Soprano lived in Brooklyn, this is the bakery where he’d pick up a box of cannoli for Uncle Junior.”  It was everything I wanted it to be – old men sitting outside and bickering in Italian, and all!  While I’m not a huge fan of marzipan (that’s more my Uncle Marcel’s territory) the impressive array of artfully crafted marzipan made to look like eggplant/corn/tomato/an apple with a worm crawling out of it,  is well worth the trip.

I don’t often find myself in an Italian bakery – I’m more of a cupcake/chocolate chip cookie/key lime pie kinda girl – but being in Fortunatos re-opened my eyes to all of the bakery possibilities that Jen and I have in front of us while we imagine our own space for Fanny & Jane.  Fortunately, we live in New York, where we have the opportunity to visit every kind of bakery imaginable, from mochi balls in Chinatown to jamaican buns in Crown Heights – we’re not lacking for dessert variety.  It’s just very exciting (and frankly, at times, intimidating) to imagine our place in all of it.

David, thanks for a lovely anniversary!


3 Responses to “Three And A Half Years: Part II”

  1. marina Says:

    Next time, you have to go for brunch and get the baked egg pizza with pancetta!

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    […] surprisingly a low key event.  A nice intimate dinner with close friends at one of my pizza faves, Motorino, and some Magnolia cupcakes at home.  Sounds mature.  I guess that’s the difference between […]

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