Don’t Rain On My Cupcake-arade

Please pardon the ridiculous title of this entry.  I’ve got a full day of baking ahead of me, and I’m feelin’ a little loopy.

the cupcake stop - the newest dessert truck in town

the cupcake stop - the newest dessert truck in town

rainy day = no line!

rainy day = no line!

a few of their wares

a few of their wares

(sorry for the shoddy picture quality – I only had my phone on me).

Several of my friends (mostly Jen) are lamenting the loss of summer these days – yesterday was yet another yucky rainy day in the city.  The upside is, I don’t mind going into my office job as much on rainy days.  But on sunny days, I feel like jumping out the window and running until I hit a park…or a frozen yogurt place.

Another upside to rainy days is that, apparently, people wanna give you stuff.  Like the newest dessert truck in town, the Cupcake Stop .  Because Fanny & Jane follows them on Twitter, I was in on the secret that they were having a rainy day special yesterday: free mini cupcake if you mention this tweet before noon!  SCORE!  Normally those mini cupcakes are a buck.  I’d been wanting to try this truck for a little while, and now I was given the perfect excuse.  (One thing to know about me, if you don’t already, I love free stuff).  Now, what I’ve found to be part of the fun of this whole recent dessert truck craze, is hunting them down.  Their location changes daily, sometimes hourly, so it’s always a little bit of a thrill when you’ve spotted one.  The stars must have been aligned yesterday, because not only was the Cupcake Stop offering this sweet little deal, but they also Tweeted their location.  And wouldn’t ya know it?  They happened to be parked Two. Blocks. Away. From. My. Office.  Thank you, Dessert Gods.

It was 11:37am.  I had 23 minutes left to cash in!  I slinked out of my office chair, prepped my umbrella, and mysteriously alerted my co-workers, “I’ll be right back”.  I saw the truck in the distance, like a little beacon of light in an otherwise gloomy-as-heck day, and I had the good fortune of being the only moron willing to brave the rain for a free mini cupcake, so there was no line!  I walked right up to the window: I’m here for a free mini cupcake because of your twitter.  I felt like a total loser saying that sentence, but hey, I’m not above doing stupid stuff for free dessert.  I was overwhelmed by the yummy flavors. So I decided to ask the nice gentleman behind the window (one of my favorite and most-oft asked questions): What’s your favorite?  And he handed me this little guy…


Oreo crumb.  Sounds good!  

 And since I was curious, I asked the guy how many other people had cashed in on this Twitter-rainy-day-free-mini special.  He told me I was the 14th person.  I was pretty surprised by that number.  So I guess there were 13 other morons before me who were also following the Cupcake Stop on Twitter and willing to brave the rain for a free mini.  Interesting.  It’s really fascinating to see how new small businesses are using these social networking websites to their advantage for marketing and advertising purposes.  It’s smart and apparently it works – hey, it got me out in the rain!  Something to think about for Fanny & Jane.

In terms of the cupcake, it was really good!  Definitely moist, which I like.  And bite-sized, which is fun and easy to finish before you get back to the office.  If I go back, I’ll for sure want to try another flavor, maybe red velvet.  Coincidentally, Jen also blogged about the Cupcake Stop recently!  And fortunately for all of us, she ordered 3 different flavors, and wrote detailed accounts about each of them.


4 Responses to “Don’t Rain On My Cupcake-arade”

  1. juuuulie Says:

    we were eating breakfast in wburg when trev got your text (at 11:32) – i swear i gave him a look of “dude, we can TOTALLY make it”.

  2. Big Gay Ice Cream Truck « Fear Of Missing Out Says:

    […] Two times.  That is a shameful number.  (If we count how many times I’ve visited the Cupcake Stop truck however…that’s a shameful number for another […]

  3. Tony Says:

    …but I don’t live or work in NYC! I am totally missing out. When will your cupcake-a-rama on wheels be stopping in West Springfield, Massachusetts?

    • faryneinhorn Says:

      I’m actually not affiliated with The Cupcake Stop! I think they’re just in New York right now, but I’m sure you can check their website for details. But if you’re hankering for some other delicious Brooklyn-baked comfort sweets, Fanny & Jane ships anywhere in the country 🙂

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