Hello, Little Lady



And then, there was white chocolate.  Jen and I are back on the baking bandwagon after taking a brief break to work on some other business elements of Fanny & Jane.  But now we are back in the kitchen, and gettin down and dirty.  Not actual “dirty”.  More like, frosting and chocolate dirty.

An order came in for our classic dark chocolate-covered red velvet cake bites, and the customer requested we dip them in white chocolate instead of dark.  Jen and I had been talking about expanding our line of cake bites, so we excitedly accepted this opportunity!  I’d also been eager to get to know white chocolate a little better, since it’s a whole different beast – in taste and texture – than it’s darker counterpart.  Above are a couple photos of our first foray into white-chocolate dipping.  It was a fun challenge to work with white chocolate, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw some more white chocolate appearances in our sweets in the future!


2 Responses to “Hello, Little Lady”

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