Friends and Ribs








On Friday night, after a full exhausting day of dipping cake bites for a Fanny & Jane order, I found myself at the most unlikely, yet rewarding, place: Dallas BBQ.  For those of you unfamiliar, Dallas BBQ is a chain barbecue restaurant that claims to be New York’s Most Popular Rotisserie, known for their Texas Size “Famous” Frozen Drinks (it’s alll on the website, people).  When I was in college, the biggest draw was definitely their pina coladas and margaritas served in goblets the size of your head.  All you have to do is walk by the restaurant, see these goblets, and you know that this place is something special.  For whatever reason – call it nostalgia, irony, or a craving for massive amounts of meat – Dallas BBQ was the chosen dining destination for my friends’ birthday dinner.

There was a big group of us, as we were celebrating 3 birthdays that all fall within days of each other, so we were seated in the larger dining room downstairs.  The place was packed.  Every table full with strangers (naturally) who were soon to become great great friends.  To try and paint a complete picture of what followed, I could tell you that there was drinking, and chanting like at a sporting event, and several all-encompassing-dining-room-bonding speeches, but I think it’s best to just watch this:

How did this happen?? We didn’t know these people.  This wasn’t some family Thanksgiving dinner.  This was Dallas BBQ on 23rd street!  And our charismatic friend, Chris, clinked his goblet, made a speech to the room, and everyone went crazy for it.  Call it a dionysian party, a room full of random excitable people at a barbecue joint, fate, or what you will.  But this birthday dinner left us all in stitches.  And just in case you were wondering, the celebrations didn’t end with that speech.  Chris’ address to the room inspired other tables to stand up and make speeches, to which we all went appropriately nuts for.  After that came chants of “U.S.A.!” and then “B.B.Q.!”, and finally a farewell song to each table when they left (“na na na na, hey-ey-ey, go-ood bye”).

We didn’t exchange numbers or e-mails with any of our new BBQ friends, but if there is justice in this world, destiny will bring us all back together for round two.


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