Fanny & Jane @ The Pit Today!



Come and get ’em!  I am so excited to announce that Jen and I will be selling our cake bites in Manhattan tonight!  For the first time ever, these sweets are available to the general public.  That sounds so hokey, “the general public”, but it’s actually true!  Up until this point, all Fanny & Jane orders have been placed by supportive and loving friends ‘n’ family for birthday parties, mother’s day brunches, or 1st communions, but tonight, you will find the two of us standing proudly behind a table and selling homemade cake bites to whoever wants some.

This is especially meaningful for us because we’re popping our proverbial cake bite-selling cherry, if you will, at The PIT, a downtown New York theatre that feels like a home to us.  It is at this comedy theatre where Harvard Sailing Team, the sketch comedy group that Jen and I are 2/9 of,  have performed our Saturday night show for what seems like forever!  In addition to being a great space to perform and hang out in, it is a community of supportive, enthusiastic and talented comedians/writers/photographers, whom I’ve been so happy to get to know over the years.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for our cake bites to make their first “public appearance” at The PIT.  And to bring the two worlds together – sweet treats and comedy – is very heartwarming for us.  And what can I say?  It just feels right.

Oh, and as a bonus, ALL improv shows at The PIT tonight are FREE!  You can tell I’m serious by my caps lock.  For a special treat, stop by at 9pm to SEE JEN PERFORM with her riotously funny improv group, The Baldwins!  She’s wearing two hats tonight, ladies and gentleman.  Well, not so much “hats”.  More like, an apron and a…clown nose?  Wocka wocka.

Stop on by, we’d love to see your faces…covered in chocolate and cake.  We will be selling our cake bites all night, or until we sell out, starting at 6:30ish in the lobby of the PIT – 154 W. 29th st. btwn. 6th and 7th ave.


4 Responses to “Fanny & Jane @ The Pit Today!”

  1. twizzlers519 Says:

    A clown nose?! It’s improv, Faryn. There are no props.

    Thanks for the shout out to The Baldwins! 😉

  2. keithhuang Says:


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