Glass Shop

photograph by: Roxana Marroquin

photograph by: Roxana Marroquin

On my way into the city this past Sunday afternoon, to catch a friend’s  first (yay!) improv show (really?? a live comedy show at 1:15 on a Sunday?), I decided to stop into yet another new cafe that just sprout up in my neighborhood.  I’d been wanting to try it ever since I read their little blurb in Time Out New York.  A mere block away, and started by the owner of favorite neighborhood speakeasy, Weather Up?  Why, I’m there faster than you can order an iced soy chai latte!  I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but once there, I was a little surprised by the bare set-up: some concrete and unfinished walls, exposed wires, dusty floors, looked like a cafe, mid-construction.  Maybe it is.  It is after all brand new.  But I did enjoy the fanciful pencil-sketched doodles of flowers and vines adorning one of the walls, and I’m always a sucker for white subway tile, which was outlining the barista counter, and the barista behind said counter had one of those European accents and scruffy beards, which was also quite enjoyable.  And despite the “raw” look of the place, it was packed with your usual crowd of Sunday cafe patrons, enjoying their paper and espresso.  I ordered an iced coffee and a croissant to go- which I found out, they get all their pastries from Joyce Bakeshop, another neighborhood favorite of mine! (are you sensing a theme?  To say I like neighborhood cafes is an understatement).  When I’ve got my next good book to read, or a few minutes to spare on a crossword, I plan to go back and spend some more time there soon.

By the way, the place is called Glass Shop.


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