Our First Flea





I don’t know what’s worse – that it’s taken me this long to post pictures from the Williamsburg Flea on Sunday, or that I only took a total of 4 photos from the whole experience.  To be honest, the entire process was a very long and tiring one, and it left me feeling quite exhausted, with no desire or energy to do anything extra, like take pictures.  Since this was our first experience participating in a flea, there were a lot of to-do lists to reconcile with, a lot of numbers to crunch, and a lot of items to buy.  And that’s all in addition to the baking that needs to get done – which sometimes happens waaaay past Jen’s and my bedtime.

The dork in me got a great kick out of planning the logistics and display set-up of our booth.  Call it my love for design, or my unhealthy obsession with organization, but I was happy to take on this role.  This meant  shopping for things like tablecloths, mason jars, and the (failed) search for a chalkboard.  All things said and done, I was pretty proud of our little set-up.  Simple, with a few frills, and the sweets themselves were really the stars of the show.  And now that we have one flea market under our belts, I have more ideas for how to make the set-up for our next flea even better!*  While we aren’t scheduled to participate in the Williamsburg Flea this upcoming weekend (even bakers gotta celebrate the 4th of July, y’all!), we definitely hope to stay active in the flea market circuit and are planning to share our sweets with other locations.

Thanks to all of our friends who came out to indulge their sweet tooth!  It made us so happy that you were there.

*Get an umbrella or canopy.


One Response to “Our First Flea”

  1. twizzlers519 Says:

    Let it be known Matt is not making an “ew” face at that cookie in the last picture. He was posing. But he liked the cookies, I swear!

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