I Passed!

As of  yesterday afternoon, I am officially allowed to handle food in New York.  That’s right, I passed the exam to get my Food Handlers License!  Naturally, I was nervous as hell before the test.  Not only because my excellent knack for procrastination found me studying for the test for the first time on the 35-minute subway ride to the Health Academy, but also, because being nervous is just in my nature.  Ask any of my friends (Jen), and they’ll tell you that I’m nervous 3/4 of my life – before every Harvard Sailing Team show (and during most rehearsals), if I get a call from an “UNKNOWN” number, when a friend casually explains the plot of a scary movie – it really doesn’t take much to make me nervous.  I haven’t always been this way, so easily nervous, and I’m not really sure when it started becoming such a predominant part of my personality.  I used to be the cool kid.  You can ask Elisheva Netter – she can vouch for the fact that I was definitely a part of the Cool Clique in 6th grade, at Pressman Academy Private Jewish Day School.

But just as I’m quick to get nervous, it also doesn’t take much for me to get over it…at least that’s what I’d like to think. 

Take this Food Handler’s Exam for instance.  It was a pretty nerve-racking process.  There I am, in the middle of the day, on 100th street, in this bizarre NY Health Academy building, joined by 60 or so other strangers who are also there to take the test.  And these people are alllll over the map – you got your hassidic guy, your hipsters, your sistahs, a maybe homeless guy, and then a smattering of people who speak only Chinese.  And we’re all sitting in this classroom from the 70’s, with our number two pencils, anxiously eyeing each other. 

But before we can take the test, we all have to go upstairs to have our photos taken.  Tensions are high (or maybe that was just in my head), and the only sound you here is the droning voice of the bored lady snapping each person’s photo, and then exclaiming, “NEXT”.  If nothing else, the rhythm of this ritual was comforting – click NEXT click NEXT.  Then it’s my turn.  I take my place in front of the white backdrop and, instead of “NEXT”ing me right away, she pops her head out from behind the camera and loudly shouts, “Hey, has anyone ever told you that you look like Bette Midler?  You do!…NEXT”  Thanks?  Despite my feeling of embarassment at the fact that she yelled this loud enough so the whole line of my new food handling peers could hear, I also felt a bit relieved.  For some reason, that one bizarre and unexpected comment added some levity to the whole situation, and just like that, all my nerves went away.   

Okay, so maybe that’s a bad & weird example of how my nervousness can easily dissipate, but still a funny story, no?          

Who cares.  I passed!  And so did Jen!  You can read her funny experience here.  Now we’re really official, you guys.


The above photo has nothing to do with the Food Handlers License exam.  It’s actually an outfit I was required to wear for a catering job once (a nice departure from the usual tuxedo pants and navy blue nehru jacket uniform).  I think I look ridiculous and fat (they only had XL shirts left), but it was the most Food Handlers-y photo I could find. 


4 Responses to “I Passed!”

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  3. Mindy Says:

    what a relief…the thought of you illegally handling all those “bites” was enough to put me over the edge (perhaps the nerves are hereditary)…don’t worry, it will wane by the time you hit your 40’s ! xoxo

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