Hey guys.  I know this might seem like a total cop-out post, but it’s been a long week with far too many nights staying up until 3, and mornings waking up at 7.  It’s been a week full of baking, and selling sweets at the PIT, and food handler’s tests (82%, baby!), and being a camp counselor for a day, and finishing “Animal Farm”, and working my day job, and catering at Rockefeller Center, and yeah, maybe attending one kick-ass rap concert performed by my friends.  I’m pooped, y’all.  But I guess that’s why weekends were invented, right?  Wrong.  I gotta perform a comedy show on Saturday night and, who’s surprised, bake at some point.  But, who wants to listen to me kvetch?  And besides, I can’t complain too much.  It’s a beautiful 78 degrees in Brooklyn, and I’m sitting in a cafe right now with great sunlight, and I’m thinking about getting the lunch special at the Mexican place across the street.  I’m just a little tired, that’s all.

So here are some photos of me sleeping – something I do expertly.  All of the pictures are real, except one was staged for a photo montage that was part of a friend’s comedy show.  Can you guess which one?


One Response to “Tired”

  1. Spread Thin « Fear Of Missing Out Says:

    […] I’ve been trying to quiet the constant chatter in my brain lately, but I’ve been having trouble.  One clear sign that I know something is up, is that I was tossing and turning in bed last night and had trouble falling asleep.  Normally, I am an absolute pro at falling asleep anytime anywhere.  Exhibit A. […]

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