Birthday Bacon and Berries in Bed







Waking up at 7am to make breakfast in bed for someone is a bajillion times more bearable when you’re an army of five.  With the combined efforts of myself, the boyfriend, the roommate, the birthday girl’s sister and her friend, we whipped up this little morning treat in minutes flat.  The birthday girl, Shawna (my wonderful friend and other roomie) woke up to buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes, fresh strawberries, bacon, orange juice, and creme de Reddi Wip.  Despite our banging of spatulas against pans and the smoke that quickly filled the kitchen, she was completely asleep and surprised when we bursted into her room.  Her first words?  “At least my boob wasn’t out of my shirt when I woke up…”.  Classy, Shawna. 

I’ve known Shawna since 4th grade, and this is the 14th birthday I’ve celebrated with her.  We’ve come a long way from the Make Your Own Sock Puppet birthday party in her backyard, and the burgers and ice cream sundaes at Ed Debevic’s (a Los Angeles favorite – 50’s themed diner where the tradition was to stand on the tables and dance to “YMCA” every hour), and the Sweet 16 birthday celebrated with a bonfire on the beach in San Diego, and last year’s never-ending pool party Jaegermeister fest.  

Having made the big move from our home in the west 9 months ago, to your new home in Brooklyn, I couldn’t be happier that we’re celebrating this one together in New York.  Happy birthday, friend!


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