A Weekend So Far






It’s been a lovely sunny (HOT) weekend in New York, and I’ve been making sure to soak up the summer sun as much as I can while also being productive.  Lately, I’ve had a problem relaxing, and I can’t escape the anxious feeling that there’s always some work I should be doing – some e-mail I should be writing, some batter I should be making, some business cards I should be printing… and ever since starting this small business with Jen, the weekends are no longer my own – the weekend is prime time (2 full “free” days!) to run Fanny & Jane errands and bake.  But this weekend I was making it a priority to calm my inner crazy, anxious, mile-a-minute mind, and just let things happen as they come up.  And so far, it’s been quite wonderful.  The crazy thing is that I genuinely enjoy organizing, cleaning up, getting things in order, and checking items off the list.  It makes me feel good.  But, not as good as, say, sitting in Prospect Park with an ice cream cone.  That’s for sure.  So, it’s been nice not to beat myself up these past few days for not being as productive as I feel I “should be” (not always an easy task for me).  I mean, that said, I’m still being pretty busy and productive – I performed with Harvard Sailing Team last night, delivered an F & J order, ran errands for an event on Monday, and made a batch of cookie dough.  But I’ve also made sure to spend quality time with friends, visit a few bars, and see a late-night movie last night, knowing full well that I had to wake up early this morning to get some stuff done.  Oh, and I also bought a new pair of shoes!  

I find that I make the same personal resolution around this time every summer: to take advantage of this great city I live in.  To explore new restaurants, parks, and neighborhoods, and to participate in fun free summer events.  It certainly hasn’t been an easy task with all this Fanny & Jane work Jen and I have been doing (she recently said to me, “I honestly don’t remember what I did with my time before we started this business.”  I couldn’t remember either.  More movies?), but as two people who have the self-awareness that sunshine makes us happy, Jen and I know that “getting out” is integral to our happiness and thus, the success of the business.  So there!          

Now I’m on my way to see a matinee with my friend Marina, produced by 13P, a theater company that Jen and I have worked with, sweets-wise, but more on that soon.  Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


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