Harvard Sailing Team at Caroline’s on Broadway Tonight!

hst singing

This is a photo of the end of a Harvard Sailing Team show, oh, three years ago?  It was our big (Caroline’s on) Broadway debut!  And not uncommon for us, we’re singing our hearts out in some big cheesy song & dance number.  

Come see us perform at Caroline’s on Broadway again tonight!  I can promise you that we’ll be sporting different haircuts than those pictured above.  Comedian Jeff Kreisler (who recently reviewed us for IFC.com here!) invited us to perform 20 minutes of our favorite sketches as part of his show, “Get Rich Cheating”.  So come on down to Caroline’s tonight, we’d love to see you there!  We even have a discount code, if that sweetens the deal.  Here are the details:

Tonight, Weds., July 22nd @ 9:30
Caroline’s on Broadway (1626 Broadway, off 50th Street)
Use the discount code CHEAT for special priced tickets!
Click here to buy advanced tickets.
not joking, the high point of my career.

not joking, the high point of my career.


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