Sit and Be




I realize that it’s probably the most interesting time to blog when one’s life is very busy.  Ironically though, when my life is very busy, I find I barely have any time to blog at all.  It’s the constant struggle for this blogger. But fear not, even though I haven’t actually put up any posts these past few days, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about all the things I can blog about when I get the chance.  So get ready, because I’ve got 6 days worth of blog topics and photo goodies stored up to post, and I’m just bursting at the internet seams to share them.

I know that my recent lack of web presence wasn’t weighing on anyone’s mind nearly as much as it was weighing on my own, but nonetheless, I just wanna say thanks for coming back!

There’s a LOT of big stuff that’s gone on in my life over the past few days – like the fact that I got my food handler’s license in the mail!, and that my friend and roommate Lisa moved out of our Brooklyn apartment and is about to embark on a 6-month long adventure around the world, and my brother moved in, and Fanny & Jane participated in our first NY street fair…  But all those things will be blogged about in due time.

So I’ll just start with a little anecdote about a good decision I made last Wednesday evening.

Last Wednesday evening I found myself in a familiar predicament – I had some time to kill between the end of my work day and the beginning of my next commitment (in this case, it was a Harvard Sailing Team performance at Caroline’s on Broadway), but it wasn’t necessarily enough time for me to commute home to Brooklyn, relax a little, and then come back to the city.  Because of the way my schedule often works, with rehearsals and various other random commitments, I frequently find myself in this situation: I have random blocks of 2 or 2 1/2 hours of time in the middle of my day.  Usually, I’ll use this time to get stuff done, like Fanny & Jane shopping, or updating my planner, which I obsessively fill out, (sometimes weeks after an event), but I’ll get more into that some other time.  Or, if I’m lucky, and the weather is nice, sometimes I’ll perch somewhere outside and read, or…update my planner.  Fortunately, the office where I work 3 days of the week, is in the Flatiron District, so whenever I wanna just sit on a park bench for a minute, I walk right across the street to the lovely Madison Square Park.

As Jen mentioned on her blog, I had two Fanny & Jane events to prepare for all by myself last week (actually, Jen helped me with a ton of prep, but it was up to me to oversee the events and be the sole F & J representative), and on Wednesday night, just a few nights before Fanny & Jane’s first experience at a NY Street Fair, I felt there were many things to worry about, lists to write, items to check off said lists, and groceries to shop for.  But, very unlike me, I made the choice to ignore those things for the night.  I have to say, I was very proud of myself.  I made up my mind that I would not do any work, be good to myself by giving my brain and body a rest, and be fine with just wasting a little bit of time.  So I flexed my new “just sit and be” muscles at Madison Square Park.

Oh, the line for a burger at Shake Shack is literally an hour-long wait?  Go for it, self!  There’s nothing else to do, or nowhere else ya gotta be for a few hours.

I indulged in pleasures that I don’t always allow myself – simple things that make me happy, like sitting outside by myself, listening to an outdoor concert, people watching, and eating a Shack Burger with extra pickles.


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