Our Sweets at an NYC Summer Street Fair!




If you live in New York, surely you’ve either walked by or walked through an NYC street fair at some point during your city exploring.  To me, these bazaars that take over different city streets every week, are famous for featuring a wide variety of vendors.  These vendors range from people selling watermelon juice, to women selling their lines of jewelry, to the “2 for $10 sunglasses” booth, to the guy peddling packets of white socks and undershirts (there’s one at every street fair!).  For some reason, that Fruit of the Loom guy always seems to be the most popular.  I guess people are shopping practically these days.

Among all the smoothie stations, and I Heart NY souvenir booths, I was selling our Fanny & Jane sweets this past Saturday to any passersby with a sweet tooth.  New Yorkers and tourists were out and about, and everyone seemed to be enjoying this west village edition of the Summer Street Fair.  The forecast for Friday and Sunday was slated to be a rainy mess, and Saturday was predicted to be a beautiful, clear and warm day.  And It was a (wonderfully) sunny day, and (not so wonderfully) one of the most humid days of summer so far.  But thanks to a big shader, myself and our delectable edibles were kept nice n cool.

So perhaps not the most practical purchase of the street fair (if you’re talkin “practical”, a 6 pak of tube socks wins), but definitely delicious, our Fanny & Jane booth was hopping!  Our chipwich minis got a lot of attention, and our red velvet cupcakes were the first of our items to sell out.



Our involvement with this particular street fair is due to my friend (& new Fanny & Jane fan!), the wonderfully talented and generous (& new mother!), Chef Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez.  Heather is the owner of my favorite Indian restaurant in the city, Lassi, and her colorful path through the culinary world has been a great inspiration to me.  She has a vast knowledge of all things spicy and sweet, which has been a huge help to me in getting Fanny & Jane started, and it was she who suggested in the first place, “Why don’t you try sharing a booth with Lassi at an upcoming street fair?”.  And so just like that, we were selling our red velvet cake bites alongside their mango lassis this past Saturday!  I had such a blast, and the pairing turned out to be a winning combo.  I can speak from experience when I say that it is quite a treat to wash down a mini chipwich with a roasted peach lassi.




Hello cupcakes.  The newest addition to the Fanny & Jane family is our red velvet cupcake.  The street fair was the first time that these little guys were available to the public!  Since we were just testing them out, I only brought a few with me.  Underestimating the power of the red velvet cupcake, we were sold out of them within the first few hours of the fair.  Next time we’ll be sure to bring more, because if there’s one thing that seems to melt the heart of even the toughest New Yorker, it’s a cupcake.


Like our new display tray?  Since starting this company, I’ve been slowly building my arsenal of adorable platters, trays, and cake stands.  I can’t wait to host a cheese and brownies party – I’ve got my platters at the ready!  (And how cute is this one?  It’s like the cake bite is giving a little “Broo-ooklyn!” shout out).

Thanks to Heather and Colleen for helping everything run so smoothly.  And I must give some lovin’ to Shawna and David, the rockstars of the day.  Since Jen was out of town and I was in charge of setting up and breaking down our portion of the booth, Shawna and David came to the rescue as my Sherpas of Sweets – they helped me haul a cooler and several heavy bags of baked goods and props from our apartment in Prospect Heights to Greenwich Ave. and 10th Street in Manhattan, on one of the hottest and stickiest days of the summer, despite one of them nursing a hangover, and while maneuvering inconvenient subway service changes.  I truly couldn’t have done it with you, friends!


One Response to “Our Sweets at an NYC Summer Street Fair!”

  1. Tim Robinson Says:

    I love that you have that Fishs Eddy “Brooklyn” serving plate! Their NYC stuff is so cute. I still need to try ANY of Fanny & Jane’s products!!!

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