Pup Cakes

photo found on ownedbypugs.com

photo found on ownedbypugs.com

I just have to share…

A few minutes ago, my co-worker opened up to me, and shared a very unlikely dream she had a few nights ago.  If you knew her personality, you’d understand why it was unlikely.  In a nutshell: she’s more often than not a stress case,  comes from a military background, works harder than anyone I’ve ever known, and employs the catchphrase, “Oh for f*ck’s sake…” on a daily basis.  While our differences are a wonder to me, we do, however, connect on a few key points: “LOST”, dark fudgy chocolate, she has a great sense of humor, and we both share the tendency to write exorbitantly long e-mails.  And this is worth mentioning: she has also admitted to me that her dreams are usually dark and about battles and other scary stuff (yikes).  And so now, I must share with you…

M’s Most Unlikely Dream, As Told To Me 5 Minutes Ago In Our Office:

So, I was getting out of a pool, and walking into a restaurant in my towel, and all of a sudden I hear a little (meek voice), “Excuse me, excuse me, watch out, coming through”, and I look down, and it’s a little talking cocker spaniel.  So I move out of the way, and behind the cocker spaniel is a parade of these little cupcake animals, and they are making their way through the restaurant, floating just above the ground, like in “Fantasia”.  And they’re called “Pup Cakes”!  And they hop on up to all the tables, and they’re looking at me and smiling and blinking their big eyes, saying, (meek voice), “Pick me!  Pick me!…”  And I say to them, “Well, I can’t really imagine eating any of you while you’re still moving.”

And then that was basically it.  Don’t you feel closer to her now?  I sure do.


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