Looooong Island

Every now and again, I go with my sketch comedy team, Harvard Sailing Team, to Chris’ house in Rockville Center, Long Island.  The purpose of these visits is to shoot short comedy videos, but our focus gets quickly sidetracked when we arrive, because his mom puts out quite the smorgasbord.  So much so that these trips to Long Island have been unofficially referred to as Food Fests.  Or maybe it’s just me that calls them that.  But nonetheless, I know everyone else is thinking it.  Right, guys?

This past Saturday, we had a marathon shoot in Long Island – filming from the morning until late into the night.  But there was plenty of food – thanks Mr. and Mrs. Smith! – to keep us going.  Despite our fatigue (due to previous late-night baking, or drinking, or whatever, for example), we were very excited to be filming these particular videos, because they are part of a project that we have been developing for months.  Vague, I know.  But all will be revealed eventually.

As usual, we had a blast.  Even though we were there to “work”, there is nothing quite as rejuvenating as a day trip to Chris’ house in the suburbs with your buddies.  There were mid-day naps to be had, and dogs to pet, and the best craft services one could ask for (I even learned how to make Mrs. Smith’s a-maz-ing mexican dip!  How can you go wrong with salsa, cheese, and onions?)

Big bummer alert: my camera’s screen recently broke (I must’ve caught what Jen had), so I wasn’t able to take any behind the scenes photos  in Long Island, but here are some photos (B.B.C. – before broken camera) from our recent show at Caroline’s on Broadway.


Rebe walkin around the stage


now we're talkin


look at that director


our host (Jeff Kreisler) and a menu


mocking me in the green room. naturally.


performing the Simon & Garfunkle sketch. one of my favorites.


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