Birthday Boy(friend)


He’s looking rather devious here.  This was from last year’s birthday’s breakfast in bed (I’m big on that).  I’m big on birthdays in general.  Some people like to really play down their birthday and others like to make a big stink.  Not surprisingly, I fall into the second category – I prefer a fan fair.  Not just when it comes to celebrating my own birthday, but I also like to make a big production out of the birthdays of the people I love.  I just can’t believe that everyone wouldn’t want their birthday to be a big grand hoopla!  But I suppose that’s my own issue.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I gotta say it will be difficult for me to top what I did for my boyfriend’s birthday last year.  It was a day full of surprises.  You’re dying to know what we did?  Okay.  I’ll tell you!  🙂

First I made him b-fast in bed (standard.  a classic).  Then we went for a couples massage (our first time!).  Then we took an elevated gondola to Roosevelt Island to have a quiet and eerie picnic (back in the day, the island used to house the city’s main prison, a smallpox hospital, a disease research laboratory, an insane asylum, a fort and a lighthouse!).  After noshing on grapes and salami and baguette, we came back to the east village for a surprise party with a ton of his friends.

This year I don’t have an entire day planned, but I do have something exciting up my sleeve.  We are going out to celebrate tonight (his actual birthday is on Friday), but since tonight’s activity is a surprise, I can’t reveal any details here yet – sorry, David!  Looking forward to our special date tonight.


**Jen has generously given me the night off from Fanny & Jane tonight, but if you have a hankering for your Wednesday-night sweets, she will be selling our red velvet cake bites and other delectible edibles at the PIT tonight!


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