Pizza, Broadway, Burgers, and Funny People











The big surprise birthday plans I had for my boyfriend turned out to be a great success!  For dinner, I decided to stick with what we know instead of taking a big risk, so I went with pizza.  After Time Out NY recently declared it #1 on their list of “Top 20 Best New Pizzas in NYC“, I took him to dinner at Keste Pizza and Vino.  As far as ambience goes, our date at Motorino still clocks in at numero uno for me (you can read about that delicious dinner here), but the pizza itself was right on the money: chewy crust, sweet tomato sauce, and melty pads of fresh mozarella.  

At dinner I clued him in that the after-dinner activity was tickets to the musical “Jersey Boys” (as much a gift for him as it was for me).  He was so surprised and excited, he couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of dinner.  I get a thrill out of giving good gifts, so his animated response was especially gratifying for me.  We’d both been wanting to see this show for quite a while.  One, because I’ve heard such great things from everyone who’s seen it, and I love all those songs from the 50’s.  And two, because our friend is playing the starring role of Frankie Valli!!  After pizza and tiramisu, we shimmied over to the theatre and soaked it all up and cheered on  our uber talented buddy…from kickass seats in the 8th row (thanks, Jarrod)!  

And then, on David’s actual birthday, he had free reigns to plan the day.  Opting for simplicity (as opposed to the big group trip to Six Flags his friend and I were trying to organize for him…maybe next year), he went with burger and a movie (last minute cupcake appearance courtesy of Shawna Rosen and Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery).  The burgers were huge and yummy, but there was something wonderfully reminiscent of childhood birthday parties in going to an afternoon movie with a big group of friends.  I almost wish he had picked a kids movie instead of Judd Apatow’s “Funny People”.  I could always go for a hamster spy flick.


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