Homemade Plum Pie




Without even having a “Meeting of the Sweet-Toothed Minds” with each other, it seems that Jen and I have simultaneously been bitten by the pie bug.  Even though we haven’t even had the chance to discuss it outright yet, I’d be willing to bet that there will be some Fanny & Jane pie experimenting dates veddy veddy soon (Jen, I’m on rhubarb duty if you’ve got vanilla ice cream).

Jen’s yummy blog post about this farm fresh peach pie, had me salivating all over my keyboard (nice, right?).   And just then, like an answer from the heavens, I was given a slice of pie.  Well, that wasn’t exactly how it went down, but the sheer coincidence in the proximity of days in which Jen and I both ate pieces of pie is pretty unusual, especially considering that we blog A LOT about dessert and this was a first pie post for both of us!

The pie I photographed, and was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of, is a plum pie.  Plum pie.  Now, that’s a first for me.  It was homemade by a generous and wonderfully skilled baker and my new friend, Inbal.  I met Inbal this past weekend during the last days of our Harvard Sailing Team shoot in Long Island.  Inbal stepped in to help with props and to art direct (I’m no good with official titles) our third and final comedy video that was part of a series for a big project we’ve been developing and working on for the past few months.  It was so exciting and helpful to have her on set with us all day, working tirelessly with the rest of the production team to help make our video look dang good, while the rest of us played Bananagrams between takes.

But back to the pie.  I met Inbal and the plum pie on the same night – Chris, Rebecca, and I went to Inbal and Kyle’s (the producer) apartment before the trek out to LI so we could help load up the car with all the camera and lighting equipment.  It was there and then that Inbal presented us with The Pie.  “I made it for you guys”, she sweetly said.  I think she originally intended for us to bring the pie to Long Island for everyone (the rest of the team, who was meeting us there) to share.  I don’t know if it was her own desire to just cut into the pie and dig in, or the fact that I couldn’t take my eyes off the thing from the moment we got there, but needless to say, the pie did not make it to Long Island.  I was good and only took one slice, although I easily could have indulged in four.  The plums were perfectly tart and the crust was soft and custard-y and the presentation was so beautiful and feminine, the way the round slices of plums dressed up the top of the pie.  Holy cow, you guys, it was out of control.

Thanks for the absolutely delicious introduction to plum pie, Inbal!  I might be knocking on your door for the recipe soon!




3 Responses to “Homemade Plum Pie”

  1. twizzlers519 Says:

    Lovely looking pie! Actually Fan, that peach pie wasn’t my first pie post – I’ve posted a blueberry and a cherry a few other times. But this was my first PEACH pie post, certainly. And yum. Also, yum.

  2. twizzlers519 Says:


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