Big Gay Ice Cream Truck




Sometimes all ya need is a little soft serve.  From a lovely gay man.  In a truck.

When I first moved to New York, summer meant two things: no school (I was an NYU student), and daily trips to an ice cream truck (I excercised little self-restraint).  But now with the wide variety of new sweets trucks popping up, and the frozen yogurt craze that has hit New York with a vengeance, I’ve been seduced by all these other options, and thus have only made two trips to an ice cream truck all summer!  Two times.  That is a shameful number.  (If we count how many times I’ve visited the Cupcake Stop truck however…that’s a shameful number for another reason).

I’ve talked about the NYC recent truck craze on my blog here, and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was one truck that I’d been wanting to find.  I love the name.  Love the logo.  Love ice cream.  Well, a few days ago, while killing some time in Union Square after a tiring and rather uneventful day of work at the office, I turned the corner and there it was!  It was in the stars, because I had a camera and just enough money on me for a cone with a specialty topping.  So I asked the adorably sweet man in the truck my favorite question: What’s your favorite? He said he was partial to the coconut and the salted caramel, and since I’m not much of a coconut girl, the salted caramel was a no-brainer.  In fact, it looked and tasted so good, that a complete stranger (in earnest) asked me for a lick.  Um, sorry, pal.

Verdict?  The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck had the classic satisfying taste you would want from your standard ice cream truck, with the bells and whistles (like ice cream sandwiches playfully called “cartwheels” and toppings like Trix cereal) of something a little…gay.


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