“Faryn Contest” Ends Today!

Geo Marine Carryall and Geo Marine Day Wallet from Saltbox Accessories

Geo Marine Carryall and Geo Marine Day Wallet from Saltbox Accessories


As I mentioned, within the last two and a half weeks I’ve made the unexpected transition from being a part-time employee at a handbag and accessories company, to being a full-time employee in a casting office.  One of the most difficult parts of stepping into my new job was saying goodbye to the old one.  Over the past (almost two!) years working at Saltbox Accessories, I developed meaningful relationships with the people I worked with.  I have been fortunate enough in my mere 8ish years of experience in the workforce to have walked away from each of my jobs (except for a bizarre 1-month stint working the phones at a wand and party favors company…but I’ll save that story for another time) with wonderful connections and fond memories.  But my time at Saltbox was somethin’ special.  I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the office was all women, which was a new experience for me.  It was just the 4 of us ladies, and it was wonderful.  For one, there was always a stash of dark chocolate when one of us was having One Of Those Days.  And most of the time, coming to work felt more like a little get together than it did an actual 9:30-6 workday. 

Not only did I learn that I like being in an all-women office (girl power!), but I also learned a great deal about the chutzpah it takes to be a woman running your own small business.  Between just the 4 of us in the office, we all brought years of experience in fashion, design, performance, and baking to the table.  And as soon as the girls heard about the launching of Fanny & Jane, they couldn’t have been more generous with their advice, council, and sincere support (on occasion, dark chocolate brownies and Red Velvet Cake Bites were ordered for the office to indulge in)!   

To say “so long!” to the office was a bit of an emotional experience for me, but they assured me that they still definitely wanted to keep in touch (sounds a little bit like camp, huh?), and ultimately we all knew that my new opportunity to work in the entertainment field was too good for me to pass up.


If you don’t belive me by now, here is even more proof of how sweet these women are, and how excellent their product is: as a way of sending me off in good spirits, they interviewed me for their brand new blog (guys, check it out!) and are doing a FREE GIVEAWAY of my favorite bag!!  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention another rad perk of working with Saltbox was all the swag!  I will never want for an 18 oz waxed canvas tote, handbag, wallet, cosmetic bag, or luggage tag again!   🙂   So, here’s what you need to know for your chance to enter and WIN a free set of the Carryall bag and matching Day Wallet.  But ya gotta act fast because the deadline for the contest is TODAY at 3pm!  Come on, my slacker friends, get it together!

  • Here is the link to enter and win!
  • Here is the link to check out my interview

It’s a win win.  The more people that enter the contest, the more likely it is that they will continue to do awesome free giveaways.  Support Saltbox.  They rule.  Their bags truly rule.  Let’s get that good karma flowing, one bag giveaway at a time.


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