Hi-Ho, Silver!


Hello again.  Thank you for allowing me to take a little hiatus from blogging.  Rest assured (mom, Jen, and Marina — my faithful followers), I’m back now.  It seemed that my heart, body, and mind were asking for a little break from the blogging and the internetting lately, so I granted myself most of August, all of September, and a touch of October to be free from this blog and “virtual reality” as much as possible.  As a result, so much has gone on in my “physical reality”, that I’m just bursting to share all the new news.  To my old readers, welcome back!  To my new readers, welcome now! 

In true Faryn fashion, I could talk about this stuff for hours.  But I hope not to over-blog you too much with this first post.  So to bring you up to speed, here are the major points (and links) of interest, and I’m sure the rest of the details will be sprinkled throughout the coming posts.

  • Jen quit her job! (YAY big time!)
  • I bought myself a bike (her name is Pizza Party and she’s pictured above and below)
  • Harvard Sailing Team finished filming our summer video series project, and now we’re in post production.  (Sorry.  To those in the biz, “post”).   We performed in front of hundreds of students at the NYU Tisch freshman orientation.  And now we’re 1 month into performing our ALL NEW Saturday night sketch show!
  • Our little bakery, Fanny & Jane, has kept nice ‘n’ busy.  In addition to our usual here’n’there orders, we’ve done sweets for our friend Dan Klein’s birthday/open mic/Brooklyn loft party, provided the delectable edibles for hot new designer Susan Woo’s Fashion Week presentation event at NYC’s Hudson Hotel (pics of the yummy sweets here, pics of gorgeous event here), and most recently, we made trios of our shortbread jam thumbprints for a bridal shower party favors!
  • Had a true Labor Day.  “True Labor Day” = an overnighter in Connecticut with friends and the boyfriend, complete with poolside exhilaration, a hot tub, delicious food, a bonfire, and a joy ride in MGs from the 80s, 60s, and 40s (!).  All was made possible by the generosity of Tim and his family.  Fortunately, Jen and Marina were there to photo document. 🙂
  • After a completely unexpected turn of events, I quit my part-time job as an office administrator for a handbag and accessories company (GASP!)
  • After a completely unexpected turn of events, I now have a new full-time job working in casting for a popular television show (DOUBLE GASP!)
  • In lieu of a missed trip to Burning Man this year, “the crew” and I went on a camping trip in Taconic State Park.
  • Mad Men is my new religion. 

Ah.  Feels good to be back.



2 Responses to “Hi-Ho, Silver!”

  1. marina Says:

    thank heavens!

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