Friday Feel Good Tunes

Just bought myself tickets to see Raphael Saadiq in concert!  The show isn’t until December, but I am so SO excited!  I was introduced to his music by my best bud, Shawna, who described him as “the happiest music to walk around the streets of New York to”.  And I happen to agree.  He’s got such a wonderful retro sound that I just can’t help bopping along. 

Here’s a sampling for your enjoyment:

I convinced my boyfriend to join me (I’ll be making sure to upload Saadiq’s album to his iphone so that he is well-versed by the time the concert rolls around), and we decided that it would be a little treat to ourselves in honor of our (HOLY SHNIKEYS) FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY, which is on December 17th.  I honestly can’t believe that it’s been four years!!  To be fair, I guess I’m jumping the gun…we’ve still got 2 months till we hit that four-year mark.  But still.  L’chaim to us, honey!

And happy Friday to everyone!  Thanks for the 3-day weekend, Columbus.


2 Responses to “Friday Feel Good Tunes”

  1. Selina Says:

    Our 4 year is on Monday-double holy shnikeys!

    Will you and David be gracing us with your presence at the pumpkin carving soiree?

  2. faryneinhorn Says:

    Quadruple shnikeys! Congrats, you two! I’m hoping we can make it. I love me some pumpkins!

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