Big Girls Slumber Party


After filling several Fanny & Jane orders during our precious “free” time of the last few weekends, it sure is a nice little respite to have these next few days all to myself this weekend!  For instance, since I didn’t have any baking commitments this morning, last night I was able to say YES to an impromptu sleepover at my friends’, Danni and Jarrod’s, loverly apartment on the Upper West Side.  (Well, as evidenced by the above photo, I didn’t exactly realize that I was sleeping over until the next morning when I just sorta woke up in that position).

The night before, my friend Natalie and I, went over to Danni’s place for a much needed ladies catch-up session, and dinner-making event.  We got carried away with the chatting and pre-dinner cheese & wine, that we didn’t actually sit down to eat our meal until 10:45.  Lesson learned: alcohol + late night dinner = immovable on the couch.

But look at our colorful spread!


Aren’t the colors beautiful?  Our autumnal feast included: roasted six-spice butternut squash spears, garlicky kale, and beet-stained penne with a goat cheese crumble.  Maybe one of these days I’ll post recipes… 

Sorry for the crappy picture quality.  I didn’t have my broken camera with me, and my blackberry camera was my only resort!  Fortunately, in the morning I got wise to the fact that Danni had a digital camera I could borrow to photograph our delicious home-made brunch!


our sauteed mushroom, onion, spinach, fresh tomato, basil, and shredded gouda frittata


Danni & Jarrod in their kitchen




Close frittata!

Close frittata!


chow time


picture of a perfect saturday part I

picture of a perfect saturday part I

picture of a perfect saturday part II

picture of a perfect saturday part II

cafe au lait and pumpkin cranberry muffin appetizer

cafe au lait and pumpkin cranberry muffin appetizer



All of a sudden it’s 3:45 and I’ve only left their house once…and it was for a quick morning coffee run.  This has been quite the perfect Saturday.  And now, since I’m on the Upper West Side so infrequently, I’m going to stop by my favorite cookie bakery in the city to stock up on some serious chocolate chip goodies.  And then, I’ll be at the PIT tonight with Harvard Sailing Team for our weekly sketch comedy show.  We have a brand new show, so stop by if you’re around!


One Response to “Big Girls Slumber Party”

  1. Mama Mindy Says:

    so glad that you got back to your blog…..I’ve been feeling so left out!!
    Or rather..’out of the loop’! xo Mom

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