From Office to Office, Dust to Dust

After taking a little blogging hiatus, last week, I decided to post a bullet-pointed list of what I’ve been up to these past few months.  And one of those bullet points mentioned that I unexpectedly started a brand new job.  I’ve been keeping pretty busy, and haven’t had the chance to fill you in on all the juicy details yet, but I should probably let you know that this new job has most certainly affected my life in a whole bunch of ways since I started working here about 3 weeks ago.

For starters, this is the very first full-time job I’ve ever had!  All my life, I’ve chosen my jobs, not so much based on the money or potential for career advancement, but rather, based on the job’s flexibility and potential for fitting into my lifestyle.  In the few years since I graduate college, I’ve always held at least 2 part-time jobs at once.  Yes, sometimes it made me a little crazy to be running from the desk job as an office administrator, to the Museum of Natural History to butler mini mushroom quiches at a Bar Mitzvah.  But to be fair, at times it was slightly thrilling.  A little Clark Kent-into-Superman-y.  However, that thrill quickly wore off the moment I realized that I’m wearing filthy tuxedo pants and not a flashy red cape. 

But that frenetic and flexible schedule was worth it to me because it enabled me to pursue my other passions: baking for Fanny & Jane, spending time with friends, performing comedy, and just having some me time to clean my room, do laundry, or watch Top Chef.

Since I’ve committed myself to joining the great American workforce as a full-timer, I can kiss my free Mondays and Fridays goodbye (because of the supplemental nighttime catering events, I was able to work only 3-days a week at the old desk job…pretty sweet deal).  But now, I’m looking at yer standard 5-days a week, 10am-6ishpm, morning and evening rush hour subway commute.  My friends have all told me that this new, more demanding schedule will soon take a little toll on my mind and body, and have urged me to get more sleep than my usual 6 hours a night.  Hasn’t happened quite yet, but I’ve definitely been drinking more coffee than ever before.  But isn’t that one of the requirements of having a full time job?  That you’re always drinking a coffee and complaining about the photocopier being broken?

So, what gives?

Why did I take this full-time job?  Wasn’t I happy with my old flexible schedule and my free Mondays and Fridays?  Well, yes I was.  But like I mentioned above, this job-change was completely unexpected and this new position literally fell into my lap.  And as soon as this opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Which was my first clue that it was probably the right decision for me to embrace this chance at a new start.  My constant questioning of it, and asking my best buddies what they thought of me potentially taking this leap, made me realize something that didn’t dawn on me before: that I was really ready for a change.  If this new opportunity hadn’t come up, it probably would have only been a month or so before I figured it out for myself and thought, “Hey self, you’re pretty bored with what you’re doing.  It’s time to shake things up.”  Fortunately, this job came up at just the perfect time.

In addition to the exciting and scary thrill of change for change’s sake, this new job has also given me the opportunity to actually work and make money in the entertainment industry — a field that not only interests me greatly, but that I also have a degree in!  (Sorta kinda…a BFA in drama counts, right?).  In the interest of keeping work & play seperate, I don’t plan to outline too many of the job specifics here on this blog, but I can happily tell you that I am working in the casting office of a great TV show, and I am given enough responsibility to keep me busy and keenly interested in the work I’m doing.  There.  Was that cryptic enough? 🙂

Needless to say, this has been a huge recent change in my life.  And I’m still adjusting.  Adjusting to my new life schedule.  Adjusting to my new co-workers.  Adjusting to the new perks of the job.  Adjusting to how I spend my precious free time.  Adjusting to the balance.

Speaking of jobs, my dear friend and wonderful business partner, Jen is now only two days away from being free from her desk job!!  This is mega.  For those of you who have been following her blog, you know that she’s been on the journey to follow her bliss and leave her desk job.  She bravely quit on September 1st, and tomorrow is her grand finale at the office.  With no next job lined up, her plan is to pursue work that she’s passionate about and take it from there.  We are all so proud and excited for her.  You better believe we’re celebrating with margharitas and nachos tomorrow night at 7:01.

Jen has been incredibly supportive of my decision to take this new job, and has encouraged me to trust my instincts if this change feels right.  If there’s one huge lesson I have learned from her, it’s: to let the path show itself.  On her blog, she talks about how she’s been able to embrace this philosophy, and it has been inspiring to me.  With my tendency to want to control situations, this peaceful reminder to chill out and let things run their course has helped me take a back seat from time to time and trust that I will instinctually know “the right answer” when the time comes.  And ya know, even if I don’t have “the right answer”, I will have an answer, which will inevitably lead me down some path, which will open the door to something new.

At the moment, we are embracing both of these huge, new, scary, and exciting changes in our lives…and chuckling at the fact that I’m going from part-time to full-time, and she’s going from full-time to no-time.  It’s like Freaky Friday!  Except, no Jamie Lee Curtis.  I guess it’s not really like Freaky Friday.

Thanks for reading, and I’m excited to share the news and happenings of this new little journey with you. 



9 Responses to “From Office to Office, Dust to Dust”

  1. Jen Curran Says:

    Is that your desk!??! I LOVE IT. Oh, Fanny how nice it looks! That is a peaceful desk job environment I could get used to. Congrats again on the big change. Proud of you. And “no-time” made me laugh.

    See you tomorrow for Margs.

    p.s. You have BFA in drama, not just a measly BA. Don’t sell yourself short!

  2. Tim Robinson Says:

    I love that the only program you need on that computer is AIM… so, so true. Congrats again!

  3. faryneinhorn Says:

    Thanks, Jen! It’s nice, right?? We’re all about good lighting and flow in this office. And that little plant on the left was a gift from sweetheart David, to help me spruce up the new desk. You gotta come visit!

    I should probably correct that BA/BFA thing. Thanks.

    Tim, thanks for reading. AIM: it’s so true! You never know when the boss will wanna chat.

  4. susan jo Says:

    You and Jen are both sweet angels with wonderful visions. Only good things are in store for you both! xoxoxoxo sj

  5. Karen Schwartz Says:

    You KILL me!!!

    Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading! Love you, cuzin

    All the luck at your new job! Knock ’em dead!

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