Wait a Second, I LOVE This Time of Year!




Okay, look.  I know I said that I was bumming out about my birthday fast approaching.  But truth is, that was last week.  And today’s another day.  And today?  I love the fact that it’s Fall, and the end of October, and holycowMyBirthday’sINTWODAYS!!  PARTY!  CANDY!  CAKE!

I’m quickly overcoming my case of the “Birthday Blues” and I’m now entering Phase II: “Birthdays Rule!”  Tonight I’m looking forward to getting drinks with the girls at this new neighborhood spot in Park Slope, and the celebrations continue on Saturday night with a big ol’ spooky birthday house party!  Word on the street is that the DJ has put together some ill tunes, appropriate for dancing allll night long.

And check out the seasonal fun I was having at this pumpkin carving party last weekend!  I was seriously looking forward to this event for weeks, and it didn’t dissappoint.  I have a few scars from all the stabbing and gutting, but who said pumpkin carving was cinchy?  Thanks to Mason, Selina, and her dad, Gregory, for generously hosting this fabulous party! (Stay tuned for pics of my pumpkin!)


One Response to “Wait a Second, I LOVE This Time of Year!”

  1. Selina Says:

    As I just said to my dad, our parties have hit the blogosphere. Wahoo!

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