A Plus of Having a Party at Your House

Is all the free beer you inherit afterwards.

The morning after my birthday party — after the swiffer was put away, and we had gone through our 2nd roll of paper towels — the kitchen and living room were restored to their normal state and looked miraculously sparkling.  (BIG shout out to the amazing cleaning efforts of Trev, Julie, Shawna and Julien). 

And then, the party gods graced us with a reward for our cleaning: leftover beer!  A highlight included when Shawna was about to through away a black plastic baggie of what we thought was garbage, and she gleefully exlaimed “Red Stripe!” and we uncovered a shiny new unopened 6-pack.



This lone bottle was my favorite brewski left behind.  Our friend, Matt, dressed up as a Dharma Initiative member from the show “LOST”.  I’m a huge fan, and it’s the only episodic TV show that I can say with confidence that I’ve seen every episode of.  (Remember?  We even have a club)!

I love that his costume was so thorough!  For all you LOST followers out there, you’ll appreciate all the details on the bottle.  I felt like a good proper TV dork as I sat down to enjoy my Dharma beer last night.



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